1. LissaC

    Your least and most used kitchen appliance/utensil?

    I saw a thread like this but it was 10 years old. With so many new members here, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask again. Excluding stovetop and oven :laugh: My most used kitchen appliance: definitely the coffee machine and toaster that are used everyday. Second the hand mixer which is used...
  2. A

    Sticky back plastic on kitchen scales

    I've bought some new kitchen scales and am thinking of putting sticky back plastic to protect the surface from food. Has anyone else done this? Any obvious downsides? I've put them on the old scales as an experiment and it seems OK.
  3. Senathon

    Kitchen Pictures and Posters

    If your kitchen was a classroom, what types of pictures or poster would you put on your wall? Looking for posters similar to the conversion charts, cooking do's and don't, types of knives, and pictures of chefs. My daughter has pictures of Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Auguste Escoffier...
  4. TastyReuben

    The kitchen trash can/bin

    I’m assuming we all have some kind of trash can/bin in the kitchen, probably either out in the open or behind a cabinet/pantry door somewhere. Mine is out in the open, is stainless steel, and has a foot pedal-operated lid. I’m guessing most have a lid. I’m not going to ask you to post a pic...
  5. LissaC

    Things you do wrong in the kitchen that you refuse to change

    Inspired by this article ("5 Things I do "Wrong" in the Kitchen That I Just Refuse to Change") I wanted to ask: what are some things you do "wrong" in the kitchen, but that work for you? I'll go first: - Not salting rice or pasta. Growing up my parents never salted pasta water or rice. I like...
  6. vernplum

    What would be your reaction to this - kitchen interference

    Found on Reddit: AITA for banning my SIL from my house over tomato sauce? I(28F) have an older brother(32M), he is married to SIL(33F). I get along with her well, except for this one point: if you don't keep an eye on her, she will get into the kitchen, and add seasonings to whatever is...
  7. The Late Night Gourmet

    How Do You Improvise in the Kitchen?

    This is brown sugar, but I didn’t buy it this way. I made a batch of peanut butter cookies, and I needed brown sugar. I had white sugar and molasses, which is all I needed. That was last week. I forgot to get brown sugar, and here I was making a chutney for the recipe challenge. Again, I...
  8. TastyReuben

    Your kitchen counter

    Next in the gripping ongoing series of “Let’s See Your…,” it’s time to share your kitchen counters. I’m interested in how you’ve got it arranged/laid out, and the material/design. Here’s mine: That’s where food prep that’s destined for a hot skillet happens. Salt & pepper handy, utensils...
  9. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    Unsavoury kitchen habits.

    This article made me realise I have quite a few unwritten rules about what I consider acceptable what I do not. What do you do or find unacceptable in the kitchen? I have unsavoury habits in the kitchen – but don’t we all? | Jay Rayner
  10. GadgetGuy

    Are your Kitchen Appliances Trying to kill You?

    Could this be true? Ever get the feeling that you might be killed by your own kitchen appliances if you're not careful using them? Sounds really strange, but could there be some truth behind it?!! Click on the link below to see. :eek: Kitchen Appliances That Are Trying To Kill You - Mashed
  11. GadgetGuy

    Who uses Gravy Master or Kitchen Bouqet?

    Have any of you used either one, or both of these for your sauces & gravies? I have. They're not thickeners. They just add a little color to gravies, making them look more attractive & voluptuous, also adding depth, body & value. I'm sure that some of you might have used one of them at least...
  12. msmofet

    Kitchen toys

    I bought a couple things. OXO Potato Masher Mini spats (8") Quarter sheet pan racks
  13. The Late Night Gourmet

    Tiny Kitchen! Making absurdly small portions on purpose

    I just read an article about Anna Taylor-Joy, who stars in “The Menu” (which I plan to see soon), and she brought up this site: Tiny Kitchen It sounds absurd, and in a way it is. But, these are real recipes made with tiny portions. No way I’d ever try this: if I’m spending the time and effort...
  14. LissaC

    Show us your kitchen!

    I'll admit that I love looking at houses and home decor, and thought it could be fun to see people's kitchens:happy: I'll show mine first: It's not a big kitchen and I would love to have more space. But the only thing I really hate is the tile floor. I may replace it some day in the future if...
  15. TastyReuben

    Kitchen “Junk” Drawer

    Most of us probably have one (I happen to have two), a kitchen “junk” drawer that holds all sorts of miscellaneous stuff, like matches, batteries, maybe leftover condiment packets from your takeaway meals. I reorganized mine recently, so they look better now, but they were a real shambles, and...
  16. TastyReuben

    Kitchen Scales

    Do you use a kitchen scale? Is yours a micro scale, or just a regular (macro?) scale? Is it something you frequently use, or it sits unloved in the back of some cabinet somewhere? Here’s mine: It’s not a micro scale, but does weigh in grams and ounces. I’m fairly certain I got it for...
  17. TastyReuben

    What’s the next kitchen item you plan to buy?

    Apart from replenishing the rotating supply of food items/ingredients, what would you say is the next thing you plan to buy for your kitchen? Something big, like a new fridge? Something small, like a stick bender? Something in between? I’ve been on the lookout for some attractive swing-top...
  18. TastyReuben

    Paris Kitchen Supply Shop

    Quick question…we’ll be in Paris for a few days next month, and I wouldn’t mind ducking into a kitchen/cooking shop and buying some kind of unique-to-me little kitchen memento - something that’s small enough to get back home in the luggage, and something that’s also somewhat useful. Seems a...
  19. Distilled Water Jug in Dispenser with Bottom Load Pump Attached

    Distilled Water Jug in Dispenser with Bottom Load Pump Attached

    Distilled Water Jug in Dispenser with Bottom Load Pump Attached
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