1. TastyReuben

    Come Into The Kitchen Cook Book

    As noted earlier, I got Mary & Vincent Price's Come Into The Kitchen Cook Book for Christmas. I have to say, although I have broken the seal, so to speak, and made two things from it, I'm really enjoying it just as a book to read. It's arranged in time-period fashion, from colonial American up...
  2. morning glory

    What is your most hated kitchen cleaning job?

    We all have cleaning jobs we dislike - what is your most disliked cleaning job in the kitchen? Mine is emptying the kitchen bin (or bins) and keeping them clean. Why hasn't someone invented a disposable eco friendly pop-up kitchen bin? Next is cleaning the oven - but I get a company in to do that.
  3. Wyshiepoo

    Advice on kitchen storage.

    Ok peeps, I need some advice on kitchen storage, especially cooking pots and pans. We bought a new kitchen a year or so ago but I'm still struggling to find sensible storage space for all the most used items. I'm obviously going to rationalise things and store little used bits and pieces...
  4. Shermie

    What were your first-ever kitchen appliances?

    Do any or you remember what your first-ever kitchen appliance was? The day that you moved from the nest. Was it a toaster, coffee maker or hand-held mixer, maybe a blender? Was it when you left the nest, before or after you got married? Usually, when you move out from your parents' place, the...
  5. TodayInTheKitchen

    Friends in the Kitchen

    Meet Ruby - She was with me as I learned how to cook. See was my faithful kitchen assistant. Sadly, I had to put her down a year ago but we had a great life together. Do you let your pets in the kitchen?
  6. Shermie

    Ridiculously Expensive Kitchen Appliances!!!!

    Name an appliance for your kitchen that is so ridiculously over priced that you wouldn't even THINK about getting it. Yet the makers of these overly-priced things are so crazy to want this kind of money for them! Now I don't mind modern conveniences in the kitchen, but come on! There IS a limit...
  7. morning glory

    One gadget!

    A silly fun question. You're moving to a new kitchen in five minutes and can only take one gadget along with you. What do you grab and why? Lets not include knives as they aren't really a gadget and anyway you have to have at least one in any kitchen.
  8. Shermie

    How do you Store Your kitchen Stuff?

    How do you use the space that you have to store your kitchen stuff? I took one of the closets to do it with. Mainly to stop the clutter that was beginning to pile up in the kitchen. :wink:
  9. K

    We are a new kitchen brand and would love your feedback! Plus you get 50% off our flagship product

    Hello! We are a new kitchen products brand and are doing some market research to better understand our customers. It would help us out so much if you could take a few minutes and fill in a survey about what you look for most in kitchen tools and utensils. After you complete the survey, you will...
  10. epicuric

    Old, retro, or simply weird kitchen gadgets

    I am fascinated by unusual, especially well-engineered kitchen gadgets. Some are useful, some are works of art, really special ones are both. Here are a couple of my own favourites, plus a couple I snapped in a charity shop this morning. Do you have any that fall into this category?
  11. Shermie

    Have you Ever bought used Kitchen Appliances Online?

    Has anyone here ever bought used kitchen appliances online, such as from Amazon or E-bay? Even though doing this might seem like an easy thing to do, I feel like I'm taking a big chance if it is something big, especially something expensive. It is supposed to help you save money over the...
  12. P

    Recommended kitchen tools

    Hey everyone! I've recently gotten my own apartment but I am dangerously low on quality kitchen gear. At the moment I only have one charred skillet from the 50's and a few knives of varying degrees of usefulness. Does anyone have any recommendations for pans or cutlery? Much appreciated!
  13. morning glory

    My kitchen

    This thread is all about discussing your kitchen. Please post photos of that hallowed ground or just tell us about it. I have a tiny galley style kitchen. I long for a bigger space. What do you like best about your kitchen and what would your dream kitchen be like?
  14. The Late Night Gourmet

    5 Indispensable Kitchen Tricks from Julia Child

    I have a feeling I've posted to the wrong forum, but I'm equally certain that @morning glory will find the right home for it. Here's the text of the original post from the excellent Food52 site: Before the word “hack” was in anyone’s vocabulary (or before anyone even knew what a kitchen hack...
  15. Dados1950

    Thanksgiving dinner-Guys in the kitchen

    This discussion is thrown out to all the cooking guys in the forum...but the ladies can chime in also.. My wife and I both love to cook. We host family Thanksgiving dinner every year. This is her favorite holiday right after Christmas and she insists on "ruling the kitchen" and the menu...few...
  16. Lynne Guinne

    Do you take any of your own kitchen gear when vacationing?

    Once a year, we spend a week in a timeshare - basically a one-bedroom apartment. While the kitchen is adequately stocked, I do take my Wusthof chef knife and Zwilling Pro paring knife with me. I've even been know to take my scone pans along with my own pre-made kits for the batches of scones I...
  17. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    What's your next new piece of kitchen equipment?

    So we all have that next item, piece of equipment or appliance that we would like to have.. What's yours? For me, the ideal piece would be a food processor. I only have a mini food processor, a magimix mini plus one which has been excellent, but it doesn't hold much, so I often have to do...
  18. Dados1950

    Kitchen Tip-Utensils & Knives For The Kitchen

    Some tips on getting the right utensils and knives to prepare your food. You want to have good set of basic tools such as a spatula, ladle, tongs, flippers and assorted wood and rubber spoons. The spatula helps scrape mixing bowls when baking or saucepans from the stove. Ladles help serve the...
  19. F

    What color is your kitchen & what do you collect ?

    I have seen all types of kitchen memorablia over the years in Architectural Digest, House and Garden Magazine, Metropolitan Apartment Magazine, Côte du Sud Magazine etcetra .. My theme is the sea, boats and fish and the aquamarine palette to pair with the Black and White neutrality ...
  20. D

    New Kitchen Smell Extraction System

    Hi All I'm a design student from Loughborough University developing a kitchen extraction system that deodorizes and de-greases the steam created whilst cooking meat and fish. I've written a short questionnaire and would be grateful for any responses.
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