What did you cook or eat today (April 2024)?

Simply tell us what you cooked or ate today. Photos appreciated but not at all necessary.
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Lunch was a picnic.

I made up rice rolls before we left. The jasmine rice was cooked last night.


The view from the picnic bench

As a part of Easter food tradition, I baked a lower-gluten, dairy free version of the PINCA today. The German term seems to be Hefezopf, as it is yeast based. I did not quite get the appearance of a pinca, but I would not hesitate to offer it to dietary restricted guests.

Very happy with how it turned out.
Tossed salad topped with panko fried chicken and hard boiled eggs. Nothing new for us. We eat this fairly regularly.

What is new to me is breakfast sausage. I had a little ground pork left over from pork burgers the other day and I decided to try my hand at home made. I didn't measure anything. Ingredients beside the pork were worcestershire sauce, sage, poultry seasoning, powdered garlic, red pepper flakes, paprika, a tiny bit of brown sugar and salt and pepper. I was surprised. It was very good. I'll work on it and post a recipe next time. Move over Jimmy Dean.
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