What kind of music do you like?

Grew up in a house full of muso’s so I like pretty much every genre of music. The only type I’m really not fond of is a type of pop music which doesn’t have a particular name but it’s highly manufactured and churned out by the music industry for young teens, it’s simply diabolical and the people performing it generally look good but don’t seem to have musical bone in their body!
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Northern Irish singer, musician and songwriter Sir George Ivan Morrison OBE is 78 years old today. He was born in Bloomfield, Belfast.
His performance of Caravan on The Last Waltz is one of the best things in life. I love Van Morrison. That voice…indescribable.

I first took a shine to him in '73/'74 when I watched the "It's Too Late to Stop Now" sessions on UK television.

My current collection:

His performance of Caravan on The Last Waltz is one of the best things in life. I love Van Morrison. That voice…indescribable.
I saw him live in Leicester a few years ago, he played two 35 minute sets, spent most of the time with his back to the audience, never addressed the crowd, and shuffled off at the end with no encore - we only knew it was over when the lights came on. One of the most disappointing gigs I've ever been to. I liked him up to that point, but his total disrespect for his audience put me off.
I happened to see that Matt Good is doing a solo acoustic show in my city soon. I’ve seen him 3 times already (including solo acoustic before) so I hesitated a bit, then I thought the heck with it and bought a couple tickets. I’ve never really regretted going to a concert, but I can think of several I wish I’d gone to when I was younger.

His album “Something like a Storm” is fantastic and helped me quite a bit during a tough time I went through a few years ago.
View: https://youtu.be/PWa0gugoSmE?si=WM2OLtrIuSqpXTbJ
I don't fit in any category. I use Pandora. Right now I am listening to the Leon Russel channel. Later on I may switch to Willie Nelson. Tomorrow I may start my day with Chopin then switch to 60's music. Dolly Partin channel, then Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Buffet, Bethoven, Beatles, Bette Midler, The Animals, beach music. John Coltrane, Barbra Streisand. I like Disco and beach music when I am cleaning house.
My Christmas music favorites are Pentatonic and Manheim Steam Roller.
I like The Velvet Curtain 's share - Monolink.
I am all over the place when it comes to music. If I like the sound or I can dance to it I like it.
I forgot to mention anything soul. Aretha, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, on and on.
I'm the same way..Not those artists exactly but they have all been played in my kitchen..I use Spotify and start the day with a different selection than the previous day and the algorithms take over..I have discovered many new/old artists this way..one morning it may be trio jazz and the next will be old rockabilly..I have to be careful with rock, punk etc because it can get a bit much for my shopping clientele..I save that for my home kitchen
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