What produce/ingredients did you buy or obtain today (2023)?

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Bought some celery yesterday. :whistling:
For that reason precisely, I could never use an app for shopping.
I'd absolutely HATE to be so predictable and have my consumer purchases categorised into percentages!
You don't have to use it to actually make a shopping list. In fact I had to hunt for the area that generates those pie charts because I do infrequently look at it.

I know my diet is healthier than most.
A few things today (I needed an excuse to run into town and get a 50¢ McD’s double-cheeseburger):


More soup, different varieties this time - I think I’m set for soup for the rest of the year. Normally, I’d just make soup, but for whatever reason, my soups come out at more WW points than ALDI’s, so that’s what I’ve been sticking with.

That wine is their premium wine - $8US! :laugh: - Seriously, though, my in-town Kroger doesn’t even carry rioja, so when I saw that at ALDI, I grabbed it right up.


Peppercorns were 3-for-2, which I’d gotten stuck in my head as 3-for-1, so I was a little let down when I got charged what I thought was an extra three bucks or so…until I actually read the deal.


That’s about the best I’ve seen strawberries look lately, so I bought them. Those pears…oh my - as soon as I walked into ALDI, all I could smell were those pears, and they’re delicious.

I usually find no middle ground with ALDI fruit, it’s either spectacular or not fit for livestock - no in-between.
That wine is their premium wine - $8US! :laugh: - Seriously, though, my in-town Kroger doesn’t even carry rioja, so when I saw that at ALDI, I grabbed it right up.

Hmmmm, got plans for Sangria in the near future?

Shopping soon for tin tomato cream bacon ( fillet mignon tomorrow) paprika and turmeric.
Asparagus but if not in will swap for spring carrots. Its spring here.

We have something similar, but the app needs you to say how many people you're shopping for, sex and age group. It also asks for each of these areas what percentage of your shopping is done with Woolworths.

It then analyses your weekly, fortnightly or monthly shopping and says what percentage is "sometimes food" ( aka snacks), what's fruit, what's veg, dairy, meat or alternatives and cereals. You can exclude stuff from your shopping (handy if your husband is responsible for his company's fruit, drinks and snacks) and stuff that is miscategorised such as coconut water turning up in fruit, as does our Granola cereal. The dried fruit in the Granola is negligible in my view, so we exclude it, but include it for cereal and for the nuts categories.

We buy things like my milk from a different supermarket and will pick up Bonsoy soy milk pony when it's on offer, so we can go without actually buying dairy or alternatives because we make our own cheese and yoghurt for example.

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Those pie charts are not compared to other shoppers, but to the nutritional needs of your household.

So fruit and veg are typically high in this household.

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Veg is much lower than usual because I have a whole load of stuff that needs eating that we grew this year. Some is in the freezer, some is in cold storage and some I just dig up as we eat it.

Dairy and Alternatives is 0%, and both Grains & Meat Alternatives are much lower than usual. 5 weeks ago they're was an offer on and we could get a lot of what we usually buy for half price, then we got an additional 10% off that figure, so they are not included in these figures and it only goes back 4 weeks.

It's not uncommon for us to see 0% for some, about 33-50% for others and 200-300% on the obvious.
I love that and I love those charts. I use Microsoft To Do for my shopping lists and chores, I'd love to get charts like those but Microsoft to do is very easy to use and I'm very familiar with it by now.

You eat very healthy. I wish I could be more like that but I can't bring myself to enjoy fruit and I haven't found many vegetarian dishes I like.
From the international market:


Those two lunchmeat varieties are from a local company (Blue Grass Meats) - black pepper loaf and Dutch loaf (which has nothing to do with your fine people, Windigo ). They’re considered very old-fashioned (actually, another name for Dutch loaf is old-fashioned loaf), but I love them.

Take a look at the weight on that hunk of mozzarella. I asked the deli worker if he could cut me off a single hunk that weighed around a pound - “Sure!”

He nailed it. It’s 1.08 pounds. Damn near perfect. When I ask for that at Kroger, the answer is always, “I don’t know…I’ll try…,” and then I get a package containing a half-pound hunk, a quarter-pound hunk, and a few slices to make up the rest. 😒


Trying me some loose Scottish breakfast tea - next cuppa I brew, I’ll raise ta ye, SatNavSaysStraightOn !

I’m afraid I couldn’t resist the Christmas tea!


I got the Madeira for a recipe - never bought nor drank that before, but it’ll fit on my shelf of fussy Victorian tipples, alongside my port(o) and sherry.

I bought it for a recipe, which didn’t specify dry, medium sweet, or sweet, but the two sweet varieties were twice the cost of the dry (same maker for all three), so dry it is.

As someone who doesn’t like fish, you might be wondering why I have anchovies and anchovy paste - I wanted anchovies for a new pizza sauce I’m trying, and I’ll use them for something like that, where they blend up or cook down to nothing.

I couldn’t find the anchovies, so I grabbed the paste as a substitute, because I use that in my current pizza sauce recipe, but then I found proper anchovies on display in another part of the store.

Since the international market is the size of a small town and I’m not the type to just set stuff back on the shelves any old where…I bought both.


I said I like my bananas green!



Those apples are all locally-grown: Cortland, Blondie (never heard of those), and Jonathan - .88¢ a pound.
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