What's going on in your garden (2023)?

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11 Oct 2012
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Continuing on with my raspberries, strawberries and a few red currants. The season is starting to slow down now, but I've 2.4kg of raspberries in the freezer after another successful picking session in the veg plot.


I also liberated 30 caterpillars or so, in the direction of my chooks. The chooks were in heaven plus they had quite a few strawberries that slugs had found. I'll eat ½ a strawberry unaffected by slugs (chooks get the other half) but when there is more hole than strawberry, the chooks get them and they love fresh and overripe fruit.

I've a good handful of garlic scapes to process, and a few small heads of broccoli and purple cauliflower starting to appear. I've also harvested around 15 head of garlic which are now drying in the mud room.

Thankfully the tender summer veg (courgette, cucumber, aubergines, tomatoes and squash) are now showing signs of growing. The tomatoes are doing well, the rest only time will tell. I'll also try to get some more peas sewn for a late summer crop.

And my potatoes are at the starting to flower stage, so I'm removing the flowers. I don't need them to produce seed potatoes or put the effort into growing them, same with the garlic hence why I have harvested the garlic scapes to make some more pesto with.
I've raided the veg plot again. The raspberries are really slowing down now. I only picked 90g of them*. More with strawberries and a few redcurrants.

I've also picked 2 different sorrel to make some more garlic scapes and sorrel pesto with.


*just realised I didn't pick everything, went and found another 40g of raspberries taking the total to 130g. That's the fruit for breakfast for 2 people for 2 or 3 days until we go shopping later in the week.
I raided the veg plot for fruit again today.
I think that's going to be the last of the raspberries. Any others found ripe will be eaten there and then I think.

The strawberries are still happily ticking over and producing decent fruit.

I found a reasonable amount of green and purple broccoli in there ready for harvesting.

And the coriander is doing well. It will go to seed and I'll harvest it again like last year.
It is happily growing through the broccoli and celery.

The strawberries carry on giving small amounts every few days. They're a nice treat.

The raspberries, having finished for the season on the old canes, sent up new growth which is now starting to flower again. They did this last year as well giving me 2 crops. It looks like they are doing the same again. I'll give them a good feed as a precaution.

I've also spotted my first courgettes of the season, I've got garlic to dig up this afternoon to dry and then more veg to get planted. The tomatoes have green fruit on them which is great, let's hope it ripens.
I'm so jealous about these raspberries. All we can get are packed in tiny plastic boxes and either start growing mold after 1-2 days or get delivered with traces of mold
I'm so jealous about these raspberries. All we can get are packed in tiny plastic boxes and either start growing mold after 1-2 days or get delivered with traces of mold
I'm just hoping that they will have done most of their fruiting by the end of March when I go in for my operation because I won't be hugely mobile after it initially and I'd hate to see those raspberries go to waste. Hubby is useless at picking fruit and actually being thorough, turning over the leaves and seeing what's hiding below a leaf.

Raspberries are my favourite fruit. They always have been. I loved picking them when we'd go to a PYO fruit farm with my grandparents. My Grannie always said that they should have weighed me on the way in and the way out! Lol) I was pretty young at the time (single figures).

I've also been able to get some canes of my all time favourite raspberry variety, Tulammen. I'd struggled to find it for sale over here, but I have finally got 6 canes of it. It's an autumn flowering raspberry so fruits on this year's current growth hence it fruiting later in the season. But 3 of the canes have only just gone in and the other 3 were only planted over winter.
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