Where is your washer and dryer?


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15 Jul 2019
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8:36 PM
Ohio, US
When my ex bailed out of the marriage I bought a home and the Maytag Neptune Washer and Dryer set.
They were brutally expensive. I really thought it over for a good spell. It hurt the budget buying them but they were HUGE and washed and dried the cloths so well they talked to you.

Then about a year after purchase they started acting up. Warranty fixed them,, but soon after more problems happened.

I was semi-active in an appliance forum formatted very much like Cooking Bites.
I lent my knowledge and others lent theirs. $5 a year membership, appreciative forum owner that was sharp on home machinery, sold parts and actively helped everyone.

"Junk the washer and dryer and get a new set" was everyone's take. Then they listed the 7 additional problems that are about to beset my laundry machines. The repairs are expensive and worthless, the problems will soon return. Maytag went bankrupt that same year.

So I walked into Lowes and asked the appliance sales girl "what washer and dryer [she'd] want, and what has the fewest headaches."
"The Ball bearing drive LG's"
she said. I picked out candy apple red because I'll take style and color over function any day and 14 years later they run two loads a day and have been flawless.

When delivered, the delivery truck had several dead sets of the Maytag Neptune's they were hauling off to the dump from other deliveries.
When our Bosch washer died several years ago, I asked the repair person what machine he worked on the least:

"LG. I hardly ever see one break."
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