Recipe Zander with pineapple and juniper berries


26 Aug 2020
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Zander (pike-perch) with pineapple and juniper berries


Cooking time ~15 min
Serves 2

1 + 1 tbsp ev olive oil
1 + 1 tbsp butter (or frying margarine)
1/3 fresh pineapple, peeled, hard parts discarded and cut into small pieces
1 shallot, sliced
1/2 mild green pepper (jalapeno), deseeded and shredded
12 juniper berries, coarsely ground in mortar
300 g skinned zander (pike perch) fillets
A pinch of ground white peppercorns
0,5-1 tbsp coarse salt

Fry the pineapple, shallot, jalapeno and juniper berries in evoo-butter mix on high heat for 5-7 minutes until slightly charred, season to taste with salt and white pepper, put aside and cover with foil.
Fry the fillets in evoo-butter mix on medium heat for approximately 3 minutes per side until slightly browned. Take aside and let the fillets cook further on the hot pan for a minute or two. Season to taste (1/2 -1 teaspoons) with coarse salt (finger salt) and a pinch of ground white pepper.
Sprinkle the pineapple mix on top, serve with mashed potatoes (loosened with milk/vegetable milk), pour the oil from the pan on top and garnish with halved cape gooseberries and a slice of lemon.
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Hemulen big clap for your creativity this is a combination of flavors I've never seen but it makes perfect sense
300 g skinned zander (pike perch) fillets
Very interesting, the zander (the piranha of european rivers) is a premium fish in restaurants in Serbia. This amazed me. In the UK bounty fishermen are paid to catch and destroy them as the wipe out native fish. I have caught and eaten both pike and perch, to eat both left me underwhelmed. We had bread crumbed and fried Zander cold on Christmas eve (6th Jan) in Serbia. It was the dogs.
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