aubergine (eggplant)

Eggplant, aubergine or brinjal is a plant species in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Solanum melongena is grown worldwide for its edible fruit.
Eggplant, aubergine, or brinjal is a plant species in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Solanum melongena is grown worldwide for its edible fruit.
Most commonly purple, the spongy, absorbent fruit is used in several cuisines. Typically used as a vegetable in cooking, it is a berry by botanical definition. It is related to the tomato, chili pepper, and potato. Like the tomato, its skin and seeds can be eaten, but, like the potato, it is usually eaten cooked. Eggplant is nutritionally low in macronutrient and micronutrient content, but the capability of the fruit to absorb oils and flavors into its flesh through cooking expands its use in the culinary arts.

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  1. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Spaghetti Carbonara with Aubergine "Bacon"

    I've adapted this recipe from the July edition of the Vegan Food & Living Magazine. I've used their Aubergine bacon and my prefered vegan cheese sauce. You'll need a very sharp knife and very fresh aubergines in order to make this work and resemble in appearance, traditional bacon pieces. Mine...
  2. Morning Glory

    Recipe Lamb stuffed aubergine involtini

    This recipe is easier than it looks, especially if you use a pre-made tomato sauce. Its also quite economical. In the UK lamb is quite expensive and in this recipe a little goes a long way. Serve with boiled rice and perhaps a crisp green salad. Ingredients (serves 2) 2 medium aubergines...
  3. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Papoutsakia: Greek Stuffed Eggplant / Aubergine

    Until I was surfing around in Pinterest, I had no idea that this dish is a “thing”. Being as I’m a sucker for stuffing food with other foods, here we go! Source: The meat stuffing can be made with ground (minced) lamb...
  4. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Stuffed Eggplant/Aubergine: Farro, Mushroom, Shallot, Celery, with Shawarma Yogurt Topping

    By the way: Eggplant = Aubergine; Yogurt = Yoghurt. For the yogurt topping, you can use low or full fat dairy, or use coconut yogurt – I’d avoid fat-free. I used a moderately-sized European style eggplant, which should serve two. Flavor profile I decided upon leaned towards the...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Curried Thai aubergine

    Thai aubergines (eggplants) are rather different from the purple skinned, spongy fleshed type. They are smaller than ping pong balls and either green or white with a crisp flesh. They can be eaten raw or added to stir fries, retaining their crisp texture. Here I cooked them until tender which...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Rummaniyeh (Palestinian Lentil & Aubergine Stew with Pomegranate Molasses)

    Rummaniyeh is a Palestinian Lentil & Aubergine Stew with Pomegranate Molasses. It's sweet so not one for Morning Glory ! lol My recipe is adapted from this one (Rummaniyeh - Lara Abdulhadi) by Lara Abdulhadi I had to improvise a touch because of a distinct lack of dried brown lentils...
  7. 4 cheese stuffed Aubergine.jpg

    4 cheese stuffed Aubergine.jpg

  8. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Vegan Baked Mushroom Moussakas

    This is a variation of a recipe/inspired by the recipe of the almost identical name from the recipe book Persepolis: Vegetarian Recipes from Peckham, Persia and Beyond by Sally Butcher, Baked Mushroom Mini Moussakas. This is a recipe where if you can get Aubergines 🍆 , Sweet potato (or potato 🥔...
  9. Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

    Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

  10. Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

    Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

  11. Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

    Aubergine Slices Puttanesca-Style.jpeg

  12. Hungry Man

    Patlican Kebabı - Turkish Lamb & Eggplant Kebabs

    Eggplant Kebabs View: Ingredients: 200 g leg of lamb (low fat) 600 g lamb flap (high fat) 1 kg eggplants (preferably thinner and long ones) 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp chili flakes (optional) 2 tsp salt 1 tbsp butter 150 g green chilies 200 g tomatoes...
  13. Norma sauce.jpeg

    Norma sauce.jpeg

  14. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Imam Bayildi - Turkish Vegan Stuffed Eggplants

    Imam Bayıldı View: Ingredients: 4 eggplants 2 tomatoes 3 green chilies 1 red paprika pepper 3 onions 6 cloves of garlic ½ bunch of parsley ¼ cup vegetable oil ¼ cup olive oil 2 tsp black pepper 2 tsp granulated sugar Salt to taste 2 tbsp of tomato paste...
  15. Hemulen

    Recipe Cheddar-topped aubergines with yoghurt sauce

    Cheddar-topped aubergines with yoghurt sauce Serves 2 | Preparation time 1,5 hours Ingredients ✧ 2 medium-sized aubergines/eggplants (~650 g/1.43 lbs) ✧ 2 tablespoons evoo ✧ 100 g/0.22 lbs mature cheddar ✧ 1-2 teaspoons grated lime zest ✧ 40 g/1.4 oz pine kernels ✧ 1-2 cloves of garlic ✧ a...
  16. Aubergine Rolls.jpeg

    Aubergine Rolls.jpeg

  17. Timenspace

    Recipe Kikili Veg&Cheese Skewers with Aubergine Dip

    A simple, delicious quick fix meal or snack, great for warm or hot days, that also looks nice, in case you want to make it a little more special. Playful, variable. Ingredients: 2 aubergines (will produce about 250-300 g of dip, so you will have for two days at least, depending on how many...
  18. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Hunkar Begendi Recipe - Turkish Lamb Stew with Smoked Eggplant Bechamel

    Hunkar Begendi View: Ingredients: 500 g lamb 1 kg eggplants 3 tbsp butter 2 tbsp flour 1.5 cup milk 1 tbsp olive oil 1 onion 3 cloves of garlic 2 tbsp tomato paste 2 tomatoes 500 ml hot water 150 g shredded kasar cheese (alternatively: mozzarella or gruyere) Salt...
  19. Fenia Fotiou

    Recipe Traditional Moussaka recipe from a Greek Chef

    Moussaka is the most popular and probably the most delicious Greek dish! A hearty moussaka consists of deep-fried layers of potato and eggplant, a juicy and flavorful beef mince sauce, and a creamy bechamel. Recreate this legendary Greek dish at your home with this traditional moussaka recipe...
  20. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Turkish Islim Kebab (Toothpick Kebab)

    Eggplant Wrap Meatballs - How to make Islim Kebab (Turkish Toothpick Kebab) View: Ingredients: 500 g ground beef 2- 3 medium size eggplants 1 small onion (pulp only) ½ cup breadcrumbs 1 tbsp chopped parsley 2 cloves of garlic 1 tsp chili flakes 1 tsp black...
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