1. sjm1027

    Today's Sourdough Bake

    Can't wait to cut into this tonight.
  2. Lullabelle

    Great celebrity bake off

    Stand up to cancer. We are watching the first episode. Good light-hearted fun to raise money for a good cause.
  3. Elawin

    Recipe Aubergine and Pepper Bake

    Cooking time: 60-65 mins Serves: 3-4 Ingredients: 2 aubergines, sliced 3 tbsp olive oil 100 g onion, chopped 350 g mixed peppers, sliced 1-2 cloves garlic, to taste 300 g tomatoes, chopped 50 g fresh breadcrumbs 50 g mature Cheddar cheese 1 tbsp fresh parsley or mixed herbs, finely chopped...
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Aubergine, Potato and Feta Bake

    This is quite a versatile bake - you could add anchovies and leave out the feta, for example. Or you could use different cheeses. You could even add layers of (cooked) minced beef or lamb. You could use fresh tomatoes instead of tinned. I served it as a main course with a green salad. But it...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Black Bean, Leek and Cheese Bake

    This recipe was devised from ‘things that need using up’. A fat leek was beginning to look a bit elderly and there were bits and pieces of cheese left in the fridge. The beautiful orange tomatoes on the kitchen counter were looking a little forlorn. The result was a simple vegetarian bake, which...
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