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  1. PabloLerntKochen

    Cooking time saddle of deer

    Hello, I need help with the saddle of deer, for a nice menu for 2 persons. I'm looking for a 1kg piece and I planned to pan-fry it first on high heat to brown it on all sides. Then I would like to finnish it inside of the pre-heaten oven, on a temperature, that's not to high, so the meat won't...
  2. MicheleJ

    Making Cooking Sauces - Different Gourmet Sauce Bases

    A sauce is considered to be a primary liquid flavored with sautéed seasonings and ingredients. In the gourmet world, before a sauce is complete, it is usually "reduced." This helps create an evaporation effect which makes the sauce more flavorful and thicker. Sometimes sauces are strained to...
  3. MicheleJ

    Notes on steaks - for beginners

    Before starting my cooking journey I had no view on how many possibilities are there. When talking about steak there are a lot of different types of cuts, this is where all starts. From the quality of the meat which combines age with marbling to the different cuts which can decide the success...
  4. The Late Night Gourmet

    Money Saving Cooking Tips

    I saw this on one of my favorite cooking sites - Food52 - and thought I'd share. These are really good ideas...some of which I already do, and some that I plan to start doing. I always wonder what to do with the tomato paste after I use only 2 tablespoons from a can (aside from my usual method...
  5. The Late Night Gourmet

    8 Things Every New (or Nervous) Cook Should Know

    This was originally posted on one of my favorite cooking sites, Food 52: Here are the high-level tips, with my comments. Please share what you think, or if there are other tips that people should know. Read the Recipe. Twice...
  6. Matilda

    Need Cooking Tips for Using a Cast Iron Pot

    I have an enameled Cast Iron Dutch oven. This one.. Its the 7 Qt. Oval Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven in the middle of the screen. (it seems the link is not going there directly) The instructions are poor. I...
  7. The Late Night Gourmet

    How to get labels off a jar (the easy way)

    I frequently reuse pickle jars for other purposes (normally it's picking other things; I made pickled beets last night). I've been using the "scrape with my fingernails, wash in hot water" method, which is a lot of work. This way is a lot easier: Rub a little oil on the label. Soak the oiled...
  8. The Late Night Gourmet

    Chefs Use These 7 Tools to Fine-Tune Their Dishes & Hide Their Mistakes

    From one of my favorite cooking sites...these are things that chefs do to fine-tune their dishes, and things we can follow in developing ours: While there's a lot more detail on the page, I've decided to reproduce some key...
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