easter eggs

  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Easter Eggs, but better

    Easter eggs, as we know them, have a deep religious history as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. But, as a kid, I was barely aware of that part: I just had fun coloring the eggs, searching for them, and then peeling and eating them. But, those are eggs where we color the shell. The dyes and...
  2. medtran49

    Easter egg challenge

    Let's decorate some eggs! Easter Sunday is April 21st and Orthodox Easter Sunday is April 28th this year, so the latter can be the end date of our challenge. Blow your own eggs, buy preblown eggs, buy or make paper mache, wood eggs, styrofoam eggs, plastic eggs, ceramic eggs, sugar eggs...
  3. Lullabelle

    Cadburys creme eggs don't taste like they used to

    When I was a kid we always had these eggs at Easter and I remember the centre being creamy and a bit runny. Over the years they have become almost fluffy inside and so sweet I cannot bear to touch them. Maybe it is my taste that has changed but they just don't seem to be as I remember them.
  4. F

    Chocolate use by date

    Hi What is the use by date on chocolate? I am sale shopping again and with Easter just gone I am thinking about getting some Easter styled chocolates for next year's Easter. My question is will the chocolate be okay to eat in a years time?
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Hotel Chocolat Vegan Easter Eggs

    Hotel Chocolat have launched 2 Easter eggs that are "milk chocolate" rather than the standard 70% or higher dark chocolate options usually available and both are vegan. A Milk-Free Milk Scrambled Egg at £15 www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/shop/easter-eggs/dairy-free-easter-egg And a smaller...
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