eating habits

  1. Windigo

    Food budget thread

    I just saw a Facebook post of a woman on a frugal cooking group I follow that said she had set herself a goal of spending no more than a 1000 pounds total this year on food despite this years crisis. She's a budgeting expert, mind you. But it did inspire me to create this thread to share our...
  2. Morning Glory

    Knives & forks

    My partner always eats dinner with a fork in his right hand (no knife). If something needs cutting up he will put the knife in his right hand, fork in the other to cut it and then put the knife down and eat the food with the fork in his right hand. If at all possible he uses the side of the fork...
  3. epicuric

    Eating habits affected by the weather

    How does the weather affect your eating habits? Are there psychological, or even physiological factors at work that affect your appetite at different times of year? I have noticed that with the onset of Autumn and colder weather my eating habits have changed, mainly regarding breakfast. For...
  4. Morning Glory

    Things I do when I'm eating

    I suppose ideally we should sit quietly when eating, contemplating each mouthful. Or maybe eat together with family or friends chatting amiably. But in reality, how many of us do? Personally I like to either watch television or read a book. I find it difficult to just sit and eat. I don't much...
  5. Morning Glory

    How many meals do you eat each day?

    How many meals and snacks do you eat each day and which ones are most important to you? I write here as someone who eats very oddly - I eat one very late meal per day which is not usually very calorific. Tasting the food I cook happens all day and usually I have some sort of snack like a small...
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