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  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Scarborough Fair Raviolo al Uovo

    Strangely enough, the words in parentheses are NOT part of the official lyrics to Simon and Garfunkle's song, but I think they're implied: “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? / “Parsley (in the pasta dough), sage (in the butter), rosemary and thyme (in the mushroom sauce).” Because this recipe...
  2. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    Salted Egg Yolks

    Anyone tried doing this? There are a fair few variations on a theme of how to cure them ranging from a few hours to 7 days in salt. Salted egg yolks recipe | BBC Good Food or How To Make Salted Eggs (Brine Solution or Salt-Cured Egg Yolk) It's easier to watch some YouTube tutorials on how to...
  3. medtran49

    Recipe Great hot chocolate

    DD and I went on a bus tour of Italy in 1998 a few days after Christmas until about 10 days into January. Craig had been traveling a LOT for work earlier in the year in Europe and had time for sightseeing as well so he was all for us taking the trip as a Christmas present. We went a few days...
  4. vernplum

    Recipe Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

    This dish is widespread in Chinese restaurants and 'Tze Char' eateries in Singapore. It doesn't have a lot of ingredients and is quite easy to do though there are a couple of stages, one of which involves deep-frying, though that is very fast. Salted Duck Eggs are available in Asian...
  5. flyinglentris

    Recipe Egg Yolk Chicken Fried Rice

    Egg Yolk Chicken Fried Rice: Ingredients: 1) Chicken half breast - 1/2 2) Rice - 1/4 cup dry 3) Mixed vegetables - 1/8 cup 4) Scallion - 1 5) Garlic - 4 to 5 medium to large cloves 6) Serrano pepper - 1 7) Eggs - 3 8) Chicken better than bouillon (BTB) - 2 tspns. 9) Soy sauce - 2 tspns. 10)...
  6. Egg Yolk Chicken Fried Rice with Bok Choy and Iced Lemonade

    Egg Yolk Chicken Fried Rice with Bok Choy and Iced Lemonade

    Egg Yolk Chicken Fried Rice with Bok Choy and Iced Lemonade
  7. Hemulen

    Recipe Jerusalem artichoke soup

    Jerusalem artichoke soup Serves 4-5 | Preparation & cooking time 50-60 min This mild and smooth soup has a sweet; slightly toffee/taffy-like flavor. Jerusalem artichokes (also called sunchokes, sunroots or earth apples) aren't related to artichokes; they are the edible tubers of a sunflower...
  8. Deep-Fried Egg Yolk.jpeg

    Deep-Fried Egg Yolk.jpeg

  9. flyinglentris

    Separating egg yolk and egg white

    Cooking with Eggs is all the more interesting when the two components of an Egg are separated, the Yolk and the White. Each has unique flavor and textural characteristics. The technique for separating Yolk from Egg appears simple enough, using a clean hand (yes a hand) to strain away the...
  10. bakedbeans18

    Using Eggyolk as Emulsifier in Mac & Cheese

    Hi there, just wondering if it's possible to use egg yolks as emulsifiers similar to how sodium citrate would be used. Don't really want to buy sodium citrate as it only has one use to me, and eggs have hundreds of applications. Has anyone here ever tried using egg yolks to keep a cheese...
  11. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Beaten Egg Yolk, Italian Granny’s Afternoon Snack

    This is not Zabaione. This is called ‘Uovo Sbattuto‘ in Italian, basically raw beaten yolk egg with sugar, stricktly not cooked, that it was given to kids by the Italian grannies as a snack or for breafast, usually in a tea cup or in a glass. It’s a simple and genuine treat that in Italy recalls...
  12. Mixing egg yolks and dark chocolate.jpeg

    Mixing egg yolks and dark chocolate.jpeg

  13. Deep-frying breaded egg yolk.jpg

    Deep-frying breaded egg yolk.jpg

  14. Breaded yolk - 3 hours later.jpg

    Breaded yolk - 3 hours later.jpg

  15. Fully covered yolk by breadcrumbs.jpg

    Fully covered yolk by breadcrumbs.jpg

  16. Yolk on breadcrumbs.jpg

    Yolk on breadcrumbs.jpg

  17. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Deep-Fried Egg Yolk

    Serves 4, Preparation time 15-20 mins + about 3 hours refrigerate, Cooking time for each yolk – 1 minute Egg, 8 (we estimated 2 yolks each guest) Breadcrumbs, to taste Peanuts oil for a deep-frying, 1lt a pinch of salt Fresh baby spinach, to taste Method In a bowl or in a plate, create a...
  18. Homemade Zabaione.

    Homemade Zabaione.

  19. Morning Glory

    Artifical Food colouring in Egg Yolks

    Mod Edit: This thread has been copied and edited from a recipe thread that went off topic and into a rather interesting discussion regarding the colouring of egg yolks and whether corn fed hens naturally produced much yellower yolks or if it was a food colouring in the hens' diet. It stemmed...
  20. Corzhens

    Feeding a sick dog

    When your dog wouldn't eat, here is a soft diet that you can hand feed to your dog. Boil a cup of rice in 4 cups of water. After boiling for 2 minutes, get the liquid and place in a cup. Add a dash of salt. When cooled, add an egg yolk. You can use a syringe to hand feed the liquid diet to...
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