father's day

  1. mjd

    Father's Day Steak Recipe Roundup

    Looks like a ton of great recipes here: Father's Day Steak Recipe Roundup Fathers Day Streak Roundup
  2. rascal

    Father's Day this year

    It's a Sunday and the wife likes to organise a week or two ahead. So it's just over two weeks to go and as I normally cook on Sunday's, I made the decision. I booked yesterday my fave Chinese restaurant, Daphne's, a private room. They have two private rooms for around 12 people. Kids told...
  3. rascal

    Happy Father's Day if it applies to you

    CNN tells me it's Father's Day, enjoy it any of you dads over the pond. It's Monday here. And not Father's Day! Russ
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    UK Father's Day

    So father's day in the UK is coming up soon (:panic:.... Don't worry you've still got time even to post something from Australia :whistle: ). It's Sunday 17the June this year. So do you have anything planned? Mother's day always seems to be take her out for a meal, but what about father's...
  5. Berties

    Father's Day

    Today has been Father's Day in the uk, is it just a British thing? I've had a hamper of strong cider and chocolate products , I had a early morning ride , back at 9am and then spent the day with my boys with a family bbq with my father , just a good way to spend a day
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