1. rascal

    I saw it here first

    A poster puts up his menu board for the week ahead, a cupboard door that is a blackboard. I love that idea so much that I decided I needed it as well. I'm painting mine up on the wall next to our wall oven. This is masked with tape and first coat applied. Being its oil based coats are 16 hrs...
  2. Morning Glory

    Square (Cubed) Eggs

    You might well ask why you would want a square egg. There are one or two reasons. Firstly, kids love them and and any guests you have will be amused. Imagine those square Scotch Eggs or Square Devilled Eggs on a buffet table. Secondly, they fit nicely into a square slice of bread for a sandwich...
  3. TodayInTheKitchen

    The Digital Age and your kitchen?

    Do tablets and smart phones belong in your kitchen?
  4. Morning Glory

    Gadgets/tools which aren't intended for the kitchen

    I couldn't think of a succinct title for this thread - what I'm talking about are gadgets or devices intended for use elsewhere but which you use as a kitchen tool. An obvious example would be using an industrial blow torch instead of a culinary blow-torch (something which many Chefs...
  5. Morning Glory

    One gadget!

    A silly fun question. You're moving to a new kitchen in five minutes and can only take one gadget along with you. What do you grab and why? Lets not include knives as they aren't really a gadget and anyway you have to have at least one in any kitchen.
  6. oddduck

    Messy food prep gadgets

    You know sometimes i wish i had a plug outside On my back step so i could take my mess making gadgets outside and use them and then just hose off the mess. I'm thinking of my vitamix mostly...i am sure it isn't suppose to be messy but its messy. Also hand juicers tend to be messy tho its not...
  7. epicuric

    Old, retro, or simply weird kitchen gadgets

    I am fascinated by unusual, especially well-engineered kitchen gadgets. Some are useful, some are works of art, really special ones are both. Here are a couple of my own favourites, plus a couple I snapped in a charity shop this morning. Do you have any that fall into this category?
  8. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Only 4 gadgets for the next month

    If you could only have 4 kitchen gadgets or appliances for a the next month, what would you choose? By kitchen gadgets/appliances, I mean things such as electric knives, tin openers, food processors, toasters, kettles, dishwashers, electric woks, crockpots, slow cookers, pressure cookers (any...
  9. Shermie

    Who has an Electric Knife?

    This is my second one over the first one. it lasted a long, long time, so I just went on & bought another one.:wink:
  10. Shermie

    Here's Another One!!

    And the hits just keep on coming!! Who would rush out to get one of THESE?!! Not me! :mad:
  11. Kake Lover

    New uses for your Gadgets Designed for one Purpose

    I've only just discovered how wonderful it is to use a potato masher to mash up hard boiled eggs to mix with mayonnaise for a sandwich filling. I was pleasantly surprised how quick it was! Maybe everyone else has always used one because it was obvious. I used to use a large fork which is fine...
  12. medtran49


    How many of you have one or can get spiralized vegetables at the grocery? I've been thinking about a recipe for the celery competition using celery root/celeriac using the spiralizer and was wondering. We have the attachment for the KA that peels and also makes various size thin and wide...
  13. Morning Glory

    What is your oldest kitchen gadget, appliance or other kitchen item?

    This is a spin off from another thread where @Master Cutler posted a photo of his Moulinex Multichef (see here). What is the oldest appliance or gadget in your kitchen? Here is @Master Cutler's Multichef:
  14. ElizabethB

    Do you have this in your gadget drawer?

    My sister gave this to me as a birthday gift several years ago. :love: it!
  15. The Late Night Gourmet

    What Unusual (i.e. "Necessary") Cooking Gadgets Do You Have?

    Pots and pans. Knives and spoons. Bowls, whisks, sieves...everyone has these in their kitchen, even people who don't cook. But, what about the fun stuff? What did you see someone use on "Chopped" that you decided you *had* to have? And, better question: do you actually use them? Here are some...
  16. Shermie

    Has anyone seen or heard of THIS?

    Just came across it. Coconut already shredded is much cheaper!! You'd have to use this everyday to benefit from it and get your money's worth!! What a waste of money!! :wacky:
  17. Cinisajoy

    Cute useful gadget

    This is a ziploc bag holder. It holds the bag open for easy filling and then it stores flat.
  18. Shermie

    New Kitchen Toys!

    Just got a vacuum food sealer and a multi cooker. Next on the list is a pressure cooker & a George Forman 360 grill! :wink:
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