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  1. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Green Almonds

    Does anyone know anything about them? Have you ever eaten them? Have you ever preserved them? I ask because I believe I have an almond tree and right now it is covered in green fruit that appear the be green (unripe) almonds. I'll add a photo of the tree and a close up of the unripe...
  2. epicuric

    Home grown Horseradish

    We harvested this earlier this morning after finding that the root we had in the fridge was past its best. With all of that foliage we were expecting a bigger root - previous ones have been as much as 2ft long! Some will be grated later to make sauce to go with today's roast beef lunch. If...
  3. Corzhens

    Our garden edibles

    We have a small backyard but it is replete with edibles like herbs, spices and vegetables not to mention fruits. It is not really to save on money but to experience the joy of harvesting and eating what we have planted. The backyard farmer is my husband who has that so called green thumb...
  4. crunchy cat

    What do you usually grown in your garden?

    I tend to lean towards tomatoes, peas, green onions and beans. I also have a bunch of raspberry that never survive my kitchen long enough to be made into things. My SO and I just straight up eat them. I also I grow a bunch of herbs. Mainly basil and chives. I love fresh home grown produce.
  5. pattyk

    Dehydrating home grown garlic

    I am expecting a lot of garlic through in the spring, and I'm wondering how I can preserve some of it so that it doesn't go to waste. A friend has suggested freezing it - which I will try - and one of the preserving books I have has a recipe for pickling it. Not sure about the picking, but...
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