1. pocofan

    Induction ovens

    We just got one. Absolutely love cooking on the stove top. Kind of gave me a kick in the butt to try new things. We got the double oven. The induction baking is taking a little adjusting. The top is induction. The bottom is electric. Figured out I have to lower the temperature and watch my...
  2. Induction Cookware

    Induction Cookware

    Induction Cookware
  3. E

    Induction Hob - Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle and Stir-fry Wok Recommendations

    Hello All, We have recently installed an induction hob (from a 5 burner gas). We have found that although we have a flat-bottomed wok and it does heat up very quickly because it is only heating the bottom area, we have found it takes longer to cook as the sides do not get any heat. Does anyone...
  4. Eating Chicken

    Does Anyone Use an Induction Hob?

    Hello, Does anyone use one of these very modern-looking induction hobs for cooking? I hear tell that the efficiency rating is far greater than gas and electric but people still prefer gas because its gas. Anywho, I feel like not being able to grab a nob is effecting me somehow. :D I think...
  5. oddduck

    Induction hot plate

    i was at the thrift this week and came across an induction hot plate for $6. Now i have been hearing all kinds of cool stuff about induction especially being able to control the heat better than your traditional stove top burner and for $6 how could you go wrong. I plugged it in before leaving...
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