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    Getting the most out of Lavender

    If I want to add Lavender to my chocolate quinoa or savoury porridge, does it need any preparation eg roasting? Should I add at the beginning or end of the cooking? Are there any particular spices with which it goes well? I'm thinking of adding 0.25 tsp of lavender with a similar amount of...
  2. French Lavender

    French Lavender

    French Lavender
  3. flyinglentris


    Has anyone ever used Lavender as a spice? How'd it go? What's its flavor appeal?
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Charred Chicken Breast with Lavender, Juniper and Orange

    ’En papillote is one of my favourite ways to cook chicken breasts, because it keeps them moist and tender. The charring comes afterwards and you will need a culinary blow-torch to do this (every kitchen should have one). This recipe exploits the affinity between orange and juniper. I added some...
  5. Lavender


  6. Morning Glory

    Recipe Greengage, Feta & Honey Tart

    Greengages are in season for a very short time in the UK. They are a type of plum, similar to the French Reine Claude. They have deliciously sour skins and sweet flesh. Here, honey compliments the sweet and sour plums and feta adds a salty, tangy dimension. The lavender is the aromatic and...
  7. epicuric

    Cooking with lavender

    I’m currently surrounded by lavender bushes, and keen to find a culinary use for them. I have come across a few recipes for sweet dishes that use lavender, but sweet dishes are really not my thing. I am struggling to find any savoury dishes (veg, meat or fish) that use lavender. I have a couple...
  8. Morning Glory

    Recipe Lavender Kulfi with Mango Coulis

    Kulfi is a type of ice-cream originating in India. Its an easy ice-cream to make if you don't own an ice-cream maker because its a no-churn recipe. The aromatic lavender in this version contrasts well with the tangy mango. (Serves 4) Photographed today, indoors in natural light Ingredients 500...
  9. Morning Glory

    Recipe Tangy Dodgers with Lavender

    Jammie Dodgers are a well know British biscuit, named after 'Roger the Dodger' a character in the Beano comics of my childhood. This is a grown up version, using a zingy tangerine jam instead of the usual raspberry jam. The tangy jam contrasts well with the aromatic lavender biscuits. (recipe...
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