meal planning

  1. C

    A recipe and meal planning app

    Hello everyone, My name is Bill and I am a food lover and freelance developer. I've been cooking for over 15 years and recently I created a mobile app called CookIt that's designed for chefs who want to find recipes and plan meals. Some of the key features of the app include exploring and...
  2. Windigo

    Show us your lunch

    As we already have a ' show me your breakfast ' thread, I was thinking a lunch thread was in order too. I tend to eat a light lunch, something like rice crackers and a snack that replaces my afternoon snack. For example starting with today's lunch: Prawn cocktail crisps, a rice cracker with...
  3. B

    survey on meal kit industry - pls help us

    Hi, we are a group of graduate students at Cornell. We are doing a market research on meal kit industry, and would like to perform a survey for feedback. Please help us finish our project. Thanks in advance! Here is the link to the survey...
  4. sunny

    Meal Planning

    Does anyone meal plan weeks in advance for dinner for example? What do you like about it? And if you have a meal plan, do you ever decide you don't want that certain meal for dinner, so you switch it up?
  5. joycemcgregor

    What's for dinner tonight??

    Yesterday and today it is in the low, low 70's so it is definitly a night for soup. Alabama is so hot in the summer time that I do not like to heat up the house making soup. I am going to make bean soup with polish sausage diced up in it and Mexican corn bread for with it. I always look...
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