Rolls-Royce Holdings plc (company number 04706930) is a British multinational engineering company incorporated in February 2011 that owns Rolls-Royce, a business established in 1904 which today designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries. Rolls-Royce is the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines (after General Electric) and has major businesses in the marine propulsion and energy sectors.
Rolls-Royce was the world's 16th largest defence contractor in 2018 when measured by defence revenues.Rolls-Royce Holdings plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange, where it is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. As of close of London trading on 15 June 2019, the company had a market capitalisation of £17.008bn, the 31st-largest of any company with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.Rolls-Royce's headquarters and registered office are at 62 Buckingham Gate in Westminster, London.

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  1. Packaged Sourdough Sandwich Rolls

    Packaged Sourdough Sandwich Rolls

    Packaged Sourdough Sandwich Rolls
  2. Fried Chicken Lumpia

    Fried Chicken Lumpia

    Fried Chicken Lumpia
  3. Chicken Lumpia

    Chicken Lumpia

    Chicken Lumpia
  4. Sourdough Hoagie Rolls

    Sourdough Hoagie Rolls

    Sourdough Hoagie Rolls
  5. TastyReuben

    Recipe Buttered Sweet Potato Knot Rolls

    BUTTERED SWEET POTATO KNOT ROLLS Makes 24 rolls Ingredients 1 package dry yeast (about 2 1/4 tsp) 1 cup warm 2% milk (100° to 110°) ¾ cup canned sweet potato purée 3 TB butter, melted and divided 1 ¼ tsp salt 2 large egg yolks, lightly beaten 5 cups bread flour, divided Cooking spray...
  6. PabloLerntKochen

    Recipe White bread buns

    Good evening, this time I want to compete in the CookingBites-recipe challenge with a rather simple recipe that is basically for a normal white bread, the recipe comes from martin johansson, who is the author of the book bread, bread, bread. and I changed it a little bit. In the original recipe...
  7. flyinglentris

    Recipe Hoagie Rolls

    Hoagie Rolls: NOTE: This hoagie roll recipe is not too different from many that exist, except for a few very minor differences. Many hoagie roll recipes recommend using rapid rise yeast and this one uses active dry yeast. It bakes at 360F, not the typical 400F. It also uses brown sugar instead...
  8. Andouille Sausage Wrap Rolls with Garlic and Shallot

    Andouille Sausage Wrap Rolls with Garlic and Shallot

    Andouille Sausage Wrap Rolls with Garlic and Shallot
  9. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Braised Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce

    This meat preparation, usually called ‘braciole al sugo‘, is a dish of Apulian tradition. Although horse meat was originally used for this recipe, nowadays beef – or even veal, is considered a valid alternative. These rolls are often served on Sundays as the second course of a rather big lunch...
  10. rascal

    Recipe Southland Cheese Rolls

    This is comfort food, they sell like hot cakes here. Ingredients: serves: 36 500g tasty cheese cut into small portions 3 medium brown onions, roughly chopped 1 can of unsweetened evaporated milk 1 packet French Onion Soup mix 2 loaves of white bread, crusts removed Directions...
  11. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Sweet Aubergine Rolls with Chocolate and Fresh Cheese

    Aubergine and Chocolate. Yes, it sounds a bit weird, yet this combination works very well. There is a cake that is made on the Amalfi Coast (Campania - Italy) that includes aubergines and chocolate. This time I wanted to try a less demanding and most fun version. Serves: 4 | Preparation time...
  12. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Braised Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce

    Serves: 4 | Preparation time: 15 mins | Cooking time: 45 mins Beef: 4 slices (about 500 g in total) Tomato sauce: 250 ml White onions: ½ Basil, fresh: 4 to 5 leaves Garlic: 2 cloves Parsley, fresh: 1 sprig Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 2 tbsp Whole plum peeled tomatoes: 400 g Pecorino or...
  13. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Fastest Homemade Pizza Rolls

    Homemade Pizza Rolls by TodayInTheKitchen posted Feb 8, 2019 at 9:01 PM Homemade Pizza Rolls are a fast and easy way of skipping those frozen store-bought ones. You know the ones I mean. These pizza rolls are amazingly simple and your family will love 'em. Best of all, the are more healthy and...
  14. Yorky

    Pork Sausage Rolls - Advice Please

    I'm planning to attempt cooking sausage rolls in the near future (first time). I intend to used pork, sage and onion for the "filling". Should I cook (or semi cook) the minced pork first before wrapping it in the pastry?
  15. medtran49

    Jelly/cream rolls

    Do you make these? When I learned to make them, we were taught to roll the sponge up while still warm with a clean towel, let it cool, then unroll, fill, roll back up and proceed with your recipe. While watching a baking show this past weekend, 1 of the bakers let it cool flat, then had a bit...
  16. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Puttanesca Rolls

    I decided to combine all the classic elements of a puttanesca pasta preparation – olives, capers, achovies, tomatoes, and garlic - And see what would happen if they were baked into a bread. I purposely made them flat, so I could use them as a sandwich bun. And, the look is like a very savory...
  17. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Sausage Rolls

    @The Velvet Curtain: mentioned the possibility of having sausage rolls, around the time I was trying to think of something to make for the Cooking Challenge, and an idea was born. Among the many recipes I consulted first, I noticed that Jamie Oliver said Lamb or beef sausages work just as well...
  18. GadgetGuy

    Asian Cuisine.

    I'm a big fan of Chinese cuisine. But I'm very picky about which Chinese place that I dine at. The trick is, for me, I try to find a good one & stick with it. That way, you know that you are getting good food & your money's worth!! But what I'd like to know is why did Chinese restaurants stop...
  19. Morning Glory

    Recipe Fluffy Bread Rolls

    This recipe is slightly adapted from a recipe link posted by @Yorky in another thread (here): hot-dog-bread-rolls-recipe. I cut the sugar right down but otherwise more or less followed the recipe. The result was good! Very fluffy rolls which kept well for several days. They were a little crumbly...
  20. CraigC

    Collard Rolls

    I'm sure most folks are familiar with cabbage rolls, stuffed with a mince/rice mixture and cooked in a thin tomato sauce. We had a bumper crop of collards one year and got tired of the usual recipes. I got to thinking, why not do a Cajun or Creole spin on cabbage rolls using collards. We made...
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