serbian cuisine

  1. Burt Blank

    Zadusnice The Serbian Orthodox party for the dead.

    One visit to Krusevac fell on this day. I could not understand why the 8 houses with various family members were all cooking like crazy for 24 hours. The next day all the cars were loaded up. I thought oh its a picnic. This is a good version of what happens. Religion at its finest. I ripped this...
  2. Burt Blank

    My Serbian family loved my wok cooking.

    Last year when we visited Krusevac the wanted me to cook some of the Chinese food I made for the ones that visited here. I have gas here so I can get a passable flame. They only have electric. "Chef" Zokko who has a restaurant told me not to worry, they would make something. I took the key...
  3. djordjem87

    Serbian Fish Soup

    I wrote Serbian because i actually found online articles in English about Serbian Fish Soup. We call it Fish Broth or Fish bisk.Either way, the process of making it is quite interesting. It qualifies in outdoor cooking. We have these big pots that are placed on some sort of a holder. Picture...
  4. djordjem87

    Recipe Ajvar- A serbian Dip

    Ok. This legendary dip is made from several ingredients and it is so tasty. You will need a special kind of red bell pepper, some eggplants, parsley, garlic and oil. The basics are simple. First you need to grill the peppers a and eggplants. ( mind that ratio is on the side of peppers)...
  5. djordjem87

    Recipe Serbian 'sukana pita' ( 'rolled pie')

    So, the translation is a bit raw but it is a sort of a literal one. You expand the dough and the term in the original is archaism, an old word that has only that usage now...
  6. djordjem87

    Recipe Origina Serbian Burek

    It an interesting story behind this pastry. The recipe was brought by a Turkish baker Mehmed Oglu from Istanbul to my home town of Niš in 1498. It was altered by our bakers and since then prepared every where in the region. Burek is only with meat. Other fillings are making it a pie. But during...
  7. djordjem87

    Recipe Serbian fried bread

    So it is not a deep fried English type of bread for breakfast. It is more gentile and with less fat. Ingredients: -Slices of bread , approx. 1 cm thick - few eggs - few drops of milk - salt and pepper - oil for frying - Put some oil in frying pen but not too much. You would want you bread to be...
  8. djordjem87

    Recipe Serbian bean soup/brisque

    So, it is not a regular soup. Although it is eaten with a spoon so in some ways it is a soup. I wrote /brisque because it is thicker and and not so clear as some soups tend to be. For several years now i am a vegetarian but i am also a chef so i have to prepare meals with meat. I worked in...
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