1. FowlersFreeTime

    Getting a new smoker: pellet smoker discussion welcome

    So my wife surprised me and said I can get a new smoker for my birthday. Hey, its the big 40, so I'm not gonna turn that offer down! She knows I was looking at Traegers and we agree that with the kid and other distractions, an electric pellet smoker just seems to be right for me. Traeger®...
  2. Puggles

    How should I store my smoker?

    When I'm not using it, should I keep the door open so it can air out, or should I keep it closed?
  3. Mountain Cat

    Upright Charcoal Smoker

    Yesterday, a friend gave me her unused upright charcoal smoker as she said she'd never use it as she doesn't have the time for outdoor "low and slow" cooking - her fulltime plus job and all. She'd been given it herself; it wasn't as she'd gone out and bought it. It is in my car now, and will...
  4. GadgetGuy

    I want a stovetop Smoker Like THIS one!

    It looks somewhat like a big square cake pan w/ cover!
  5. stacy18

    An easy to use but recommended $200 electric smoker

    Many brands in Walmart or Amazon sell electric smokers but I get easily confused with the brand types there. Since I don’t have one and I never try to use an electric smoker and but I DO want to have one. Any suggestions or reviews of some promising and recommended electric smokers you use or...
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