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  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy

    The first episode of Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy debuted tonight. The show is all about Tucci taking a food tour of Italy’s regions. If I understand correctly, he will visit every region, taking us inside the kitchens where the food is made, and to the fields and farms where the...
  2. mjd

    Dishes & Beverages you made from tv shows and/or movies

    murphyscreek post regarding a drink (Gibson) that he tried because he saw it in the show "Queen's Gambit". Recipe & Video - The Gibson.... I loved the scene in "Breaking Bad" when Gus Fring makes a Chilean Fish Stew. Found it here... Paila Marina – Gus Fring’s Chilean Fish Stew – Bakin' Bit I...
  3. medtran49

    Food Network Worst Cooks in America?

    Has anybody watched the first episode of the new season yet? OMG, I'm not sure if these people are putting us on or what. If they aren't, they are definitely the worst cooks ever. The steak/oven fiasco is almost worthy of The Three Stooges.
  4. Elawin

    What TV Food Programmes are you currently watching?

    I have got hooked on Flavours of Xinjiang - a UK programme for the Chinese community, made in Chinese with subtitles which I can only describe as bleak. The programme itself is about traditional and modern Chinese lifestyles in that area, and, as most of the people in the programmes I have...
  5. MrsDangermouse

    BBC - Back In Time For Tea

    Did anyone else watch this? For anyone who hasn't heard of it - its a programme combining food and social history where a family live and eat as people did throughout the 20thC. I really enjoyed the previous series of Back In Time For Dinner...
  6. Lullabelle

    Great celebrity bake off

    Stand up to cancer. We are watching the first episode. Good light-hearted fun to raise money for a good cause.
  7. Elawin

    Who are your favourite TV Chefs and Programmes?

    My favourites chefs are James Martin and Paul Hollywood (who is actually a master baker). I also like Nigel Slater, who is a cook and food writer, journalist, and broadcaster, and Nigella - who couldn't like her? I trust their recipes implicitly, even if what I cook from their recipes doesn't...
  8. GadgetGuy

    Have you ever tried a recipe from a cooking show?

    I'm curious as to how many of you have ever been tempted to try recipes from the cooking shows. I have. But did you find them to be as attractive & tasty as they look on TV? :wink:
  9. ReadmeByAmy

    Are you fond of watching cooking shows?

    Lets say that you already have the knowledge and skills for cooking and you had recipes that you innovated yourself. Do you think watching a cooking show can be an additional reference of learning when it comes to cooking? Are you fond of watching cooking shows?
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