wine making

  1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Potato wine (take 2)

    Potato Wine Wash well but do not peel 1/2 gallon small potatoes. Put them into a pan with 1 gallon of water. Bring to boil for 5 min (If any longer the potatoes might burst and make wine cloudy) Have ready a stone jar or bowl. Put into the jar 3 lb Demerara sugar, the rind of 2 sliced lemons...
  2. C

    Recipe Potato Wine

    You can use potato wine in similar ways as you use vodka though potato wine has a much lower alcohol content. Ingredients: 10 pounds white potatoes 2½ pints white grape juice concentrate 35 pints water 1 1¼ pounds sugar 15 teaspoons acid blend 2½ teaspoons tannin 5 teaspoons nutrient 1 package...
  3. Tobi

    Wine making

    Yesterday I bottled the first batch of mint wine this year and the second lot is bubbling nicely. The apple will take much longer to ferment out, but we drink some of it at three to four weeks old whilst it's still fizzy and has almost no alcohol content - known in the family as Apple Ale. We...
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