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    So, this is my recipe. I went to an Afghani restaurant in Baltimore and had this dish for the first time....many years ago and found a few recipes and over the years I have changed/added/tweaked and this is my rendition and what I currently use, but as you can see I am still 'tweaking'. So, yes I buy the won-ton wrappers and make my own dumplings. If you go out to a traditional Afghani restaurant they make the wrapper from scratch......that is more time that I have in the kitchen and the won-ton wrappers you can buy at most grocery shops are pretty comparable to the texture of homemade. It is a delicious meal. I love the meat sauce! You wouldn't think that just adding coriander to a red meat sauce would make such a delicious change, but it is amazing. And adding just salt and garlic to yogurt is also crazy delicious and can be used in other applications.



    Serves 4

    2 tablespoons olive oil ¾ pound lean ground beef

    4 medium leeks, finely chopped ½ medium white onion, finely chopped

    6 green onions, finely chopped 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped

    1 chili pepper 1 can (29 oz.) plain tomato sauce

    3 tablespoons cilantro leaves start 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

    Salt 1 tablespoon ground coriander

    wax paper start w less: small at a time: ½ cup water

    1 egg white 1 ½ cup plain yogurt

    ½ pkg of wonton wrappers 1 large garlic clove, crushed

    *Finely minced fresh mint, as a garnish


    In a large skillet on medium heat, add olive oil, leeks and onions, cook 4 to 5 minutes or until soft but DO NOT brown. It is better if the mixture is undercooked, for best flavor.

    Next, finely chop cilantro, pepper, place mixture in medium size bowl with 1 teaspoon salt. Add the cooked leeks and onions, mix well. 2zjcrS1Jim-a8ECVGvRraHJhXe0y1PrV0cfmw7Dn9t8pv9N10qzZHufM-OXGV-FY_Hvngj8ahokd-FSwal1QFn2RF0HbH1MB.jpg


    Lay a sheet of wax paper on the counter to use as an assembly area and an additional sheet in baking tray.

    Place one egg white in small bowl, discarding the yolk. Using a finger, wet ALL the edges of the perimeter of the wonton with the egg white, this will help seal the wontons. Place a teaspoon size amount of the filling on one side of the wonton and fold in half, sealing all edges with a fork. Do not overfill or they will come apart when boiling. 4YU9ShOiGgL5mSM85EhqT6J-eol0YZkJ4CGvK8XELaemKIbeEr8UAg5GiAA-hMQ59K-QmOg-XiwsYl_TUAqXSdm95Kj3ZYU7.jpg

    Place the completed dumplings on the tray, cover with a damp paper towel until you are ready to cook; they will dry out quickly.


    In a small bowl mix well, the yogurt, ¼(more) teaspoon salt and crushed garlic: amounts????. Refrigerate until ready to serve


    Brown ground beef in large skillet together with onion and garlic over medium-high heat until thoroughly cooked. Next, add tomato sauce, black pepper, coriander, ¼ teaspoon salt and mix well. Simmer on low heat for approx. 10 minutes. Add a small amount of H20 if needed. Final sauce should be thicker than tomato sauce, but not a paste.

    To finish the dumplings: Fill a large stockpot with water and bring to a boil. Add dumplings, boil for approx. 4 to 5 minutes. For best results, cook only 10-12 at a time. Remove with slotted spoon when cooked and keep warm.

    TO SERVE jJ-rGYdqF6TIe7urYrQwrUV2aMFCBDJB2p0UAhCOy9jPoS9JrNCcSN40L2FkuxiCnyg4yiVy8f53OS2yvMd3F6eNxd2k_hT3.jpg

    1. Using a teaspoon spread a thin layer of yogurt sauce on a plate.

    2. On top of the yogurt sauce add 4 to 5 dumplings, an individual serving size.

    3. Sparingly cover the center of the dumplings with meat sauce, don’t smother the dumplings.

    4. Drizzle a little more yogurt sauce on top of the meat sauce.

    5. *Garnish with fresh mint and serve. The fresh mint really adds to this dish!!
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    Oh yum!

    Will be trying this at some point.

    Is it traditionally a beef dish, have you used other meats, lamb for instance?

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