Baking ground chicken and lentils


15 Feb 2021
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8:38 AM
Hello friends -
Sorry to start my membership here with a query, but I was hoping for some advice from the many experts here.

I'm trying to make something easy to store/freeze and heat for my one-year-old, and I'm leaning toward baked patties with ground chicken, lentils, and bread crumbs or panko. I've made baked chicken meatballs for my daughter, but they've been difficult to form as anything other than balls, which are a bit hard for her to manipulate. I was wondering if it sound possible to make more easily manipulated patties/sticks out of a combination of cooked lentils, bread crumbs, ground chicken, and eggs (probably some diced/sauteed onion/garlic/celery too). Does that sound self-evidently insane as something to try to bake? Will the lentils get too hard/crunchy/burnt if I keep the dish in the oven long enough to thoroughly cook the chicken?

Sorry for this loony question. I'm not a terribly good cook and yet for some reason I still improvise despite my inability to make decisions. Any advice welcome!

Thank you -

D in Tokyo
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