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11 Oct 2012
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Cheese Scones

8oz self raising flour
1/4 - 1/2 tsp salt
1.5oz butter
1 egg
2oz strong cheddar cheese finely grated
1 tsp Coleman's mustard powder

mix flour, mustard powder, salt & butter spread until resembles breabcrumbs. Add in cheese and mix briefly
add egg & mix well.
add enough milk to get a dry dough (if you over do it, just add more flour until back to what's needed).
flatten into rectangle that is around 3cm thick. cut into 8 squares(ish). This mixture should not make more than 8 scones - if it does, they are too thin (which is where most people go wrong with scones). Coat with layer of egg/milk if you want a golden top...
cook on metal tray at 220C for 10-12 mins (if your oven only goes to 200C like mine, then 15 mins).
Try to allow them 5 mins resting time cooling...:whistling:

They don't generally last very long unless they get chance to make it to the freezer... they freeze well and defrost very quickly...
I really like cheese scones, and I serve them with a dollop of tomato paste and ali oli (garlic mayonnaise). I've never made my own though - my friend passes some in when she bakes them. I think I'll try this recipe out and surprise her. I'm not big on baking, but this looks pretty easy.
We make them with smoked cheddar and have them with leek soup,
Lots of people use soured milk or add a little lemon to the milk
I think the recipe originates from these 2 oldies...

Cheese Scones.jpg

Scone Making.jpg

There are no dates on either though. But as you can see, my Grannie's recipe is a cheese scone recipe using mustard powder which is essential to make it savoury. Serve hot, sliced in half with a good layer of butter on them. I wish I could still have dairy. these are the one thing I really do miss!
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