Chinese Food 1- Duo Jiao Yu Tou (chinese name)

Discussion in 'Fish and Seafood' started by Home Liu, 7 Jan 2019.

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  1. Home Liu

    Home Liu New Member

    I am a chinese girl. I like the spicy flavour. However I have been sick for one year so that I must get rid of the pepper. I miss the taste every day. The photoes were taken by myself before when I made it for receiving my friends. I saw those and determined to post to the website. If someone like it and would like to try to cook it, pls feel free to let me know and it is my pleasure to tell you how to do it. Although my english is not good, I will try my best to do it, and you just need a little patience.
    Thanks for your coming here. IMG_20151030_150308.jpg IMG_20151030_151712.jpg IMG_20151030_152944.jpg IMG_20151030_153420.jpg IMG_20151030_155215.jpg IMG_20151030_155920.jpg IMG_20151030_200421.jpg
  2. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
    Chilis are a big part of the ingredients we use, both fresh and dried. I make a lot of Mexican food, where the sauces are made with dried chilis. Some are very mild, while some are very hot. Flavor is the key.
  3. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I love chillies! I would like to know more about how you made this and the ingredients.

    Its probably not a good idea to post a poll asking if people like it or not as I think people would not like to seem impolite and say they did not like it!
  4. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    Too many chillies for me. My kids would love it though.

  5. impish

    impish Regular Member

    @Home Liu Your English is simply wonderful! I write in forums every day in which American-born folks simply cannot write nearly as well as you do! Welcome to the forum! impish
  6. Home Liu

    Home Liu New Member

    Yes, we used to dring chilis too. The chinese hot-pop uses many dried chilis. So mexican like eating chilis as well as chinese, does they? And I'd love to know the spicy mexican food.

    Thank you very much for your reminding. You are right, it is not a good idea to post a poll like that.
    This dish is made of ingredients, long chilies, small chilies(top hot in China), garlics, gingers, fermented soya beans, light soy sauce, some salt, some white sugar, fish head.
    One step is making the chopped pepper : chop chilies with garlics and gingers, then add fermented soya beans, light soy sauce and some salt and sugar, then cover with plastic film for at least 1 hour.
    The second is processing the fish head and meanwhile boiling waters to wait for steaming the fish head : clean and sprinkle some pepper powder and cooking wine to remove the fishy smell for 10 minutes.
    The third is the last step : clean the fish head again and put on a dish, and then put the chopped chilies on the fish head, then put in the steamer for 8 minutes, and then just put off the fire. 2 minutes later you can open the steamer, take the dish and enjoy it.
    That's all. If there is any question, pls feel free to let me know. Thank you again.

    Actually it is not very spicy if you just only choice the long , light spciy chilies, not use the small top spicy chilies.

    Thanks for your encouragement and concern. I'm trying hard to improve my english.


    correct a mistake about the second step, and the right is that clean the fish head and sprinkle some pepper powder.
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  7. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
  8. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Sounds very tasty! I have some fermented black beans (similar to the image below). But I think fermented soya beans are different?

    Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.49.28.png
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  9. Home Liu

    Home Liu New Member

    That is it, "fermented black beans" = "fermented soya beans"
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  10. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Thank you - now I read the information on the packet I see it does say black soya beans.

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