1. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Chinese Inspired Fried Quinoa, with Pork and Egg

    Why not try something more or less in an eastern Asian theme? Perhaps take a page from Chinese Fried Rice?? And just have fun, without claiming veracity on methodology or history? Okay, and yes, my goal is also (obviously) to make the dish taste good! For this, I chose a red quinoa...
  2. ForeverFoodieLove

    Recipe & Video Chinese Sichuan Spicy Boiled Fish 🐟🌶

    View: This Sichuan Spicy Boiled Fish is one of the most popular dishes from Sichuan, China. It makes up a very special weekend dinner. The fish is tender, fresh, and juicy. The spiciness matches the delicacy of the fish and tastes amazing! I hope you will enjoy :)...
  3. bakedbeans18

    Recipe & Video Authentic Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi)

    Hi cookingbites people! Made some dumplings using a recipe my Grandma and Dad gave me for authentic dumplings made exactly like they do in China. It takes awhile, but it makes A TON of dumplings that easily serves 6 - 8 people. Or you can freeze them and reheat when needed. I would...
  4. F

    Chinese chicken curry

    Hi all, Looking for some help.... we have been buying chicken curry from a chinese takeaway for years and would love to try and make my own (although we will still continue to buy from them) I have asked what powder/paste they use and she just gives me a cheeky smile and wink and won’t tell me...
  5. Levos66

    Recipe Beef With Homemade Black Bean Sauce

    Beef With Homemade Black Bean Sauce SERVES 2 250 gr of Ribeye Steak, excess fat removed, sliced against the grain, ½ cm thick (I used Top Side cut in very thin slices. If your Wok is small fry in two or even three batches in order to be sure that your Wok is very Hot) We marinade the Beef...
  6. adventurousbaker

    Recipe & Video Chinese Noodles - Zhajiangmian

    Zhajiangmian is a traditional dish originating from Northern China and popularly eaten cold during the hot summer months. You can find this dish in many restaurants specializing in Northern Chinese or Beijing cuisine and a similar dish in Korean restaurants under the name jjajangmyeon. The...
  7. Shermie

    New Chinese Chef's Knife!!

    I've decided that it's time to get a new Chinese Chef's Knife. Nothing wrong with the old one. Jut love the blade & handle on this one!!:wink:
  8. BWinCA

    Recipe A Chinese dish that is as much fun to make as it is to eat!

    I incorporate the visual into my cooking whenever I can, from plating to participation, and this is a dish which your guests (and you) will actually get a kick out of when you make it. The dish is called 'Ants Climbing a Tree' because that is exactly what it looks like. You make the noodles...
  9. Mountain Cat

    Chinese / Asian/ Lunar New Year? Anyone cook for it?

    Personally, I really don't need any excuse to make Asian or Asian-inspired dishes, but we are coming up to The Year of the Rat, starting on January 25th. Of course, it isn't just China - but much of the southeast Asian nations (Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesia), Indochina and even Japan and...
  10. medtran49

    Recipe Chinese hot and sour soup

    When I was in my 20s, I worked at a place where we had auditors come in once a month. One of the lady auditors always and I mean ALWAYS wanted to order Chinese because, according to her, the restaurant that we got takeout from had the best Hot and Sour soup she'd ever had. I would never try it...
  11. Morning Glory

    Recipe Pork with Black Bean Sauce

    This recipe is a very straightforward, quick to make and to my mind, its foolproof. This is good, basic & tasty Chinese cooking. Plus, you don't need too many ingredients. However, you do need fermented black beans (not a bottle of ready-made black bean sauce). The beans are available quite...
  12. medtran49

    Recipe Chinese hot mustard with a twist!

    This was blisteringly, slap you up side of your head, sinus clearing when I first made it. After a couple of hours, it calmed down to where it was still spicy, but you could also taste the mustard instead of getting just heat. It's a very small batch as I wanted to try the twist, which is the...
  13. Home Liu

    Chinese Food 1- Duo Jiao Yu Tou (chinese name)

    I am a chinese girl. I like the spicy flavour. However I have been sick for one year so that I must get rid of the pepper. I miss the taste every day. The photoes were taken by myself before when I made it for receiving my friends. I saw those and determined to post to the website. If someone...
  14. Herbie

    Recipe Chinese-style Herring

    A Chinese friend taught me some cooking techniques. One was to steam fish then pour over very hot oil flavoured with garlic, ginger, spring onions, etc. So today I use the technique on herring. 2 herring (gutted and slits put each side) 1/2 line cut into 4 wedges 1/2 lime juiced 2...
  15. Morning Glory

    Recipe Chinese Laughing Balls

    I couldn't resist the title of this recipe. So called because when deep-fried the balls split slightly to reveal a 'smile' shape. I'm not sure all mine look like they are laughing, though... Other than swapping the egg for aquafaba to make it vegan and adding some vanilla, I pretty much followed...
  16. Shermie

    Asian Cuisine.

    I'm a big fan of Chinese cuisine. But I'm very picky about which Chinese place that I dine at. The trick is, for me, I try to find a good one & stick with it. That way, you know that you are getting good food & your money's worth!! But what I'd like to know is why did Chinese restaurants stop...
  17. Herbie

    Cheong Fun

    This is based on this recipe: Dough 250g rice flour 76g tapioca flour 38g corn flour/ corn starch 50g oil 900 ml water Filling 1/2 cup dried shrimp, soaked and rinsed 6 stalks green onions/ scallions, sliced 1 table spoon toasted sesame...
  18. Herbie

    Recipe Chinese Chilli Oil

    AKA. My friend's dad's chilli oil There are many recipes for Chinese chilli oil with different spices and with shrimp, sesame, peanuts, etc. but this is my attempt to recreate my friend's dad's recipe. When I go to London I usually pick up a jar. We are trying to get him to make it to sell (he...
  19. Lullabelle

    Chinese New Year

    This year the Chinese New Year is Friday 16th February. Will anyone celebrate? What animal are you? I was born in the year of the dog and this year is the year of the dog so I would definitely like to celebrate.
  20. Morning Glory

    The CookingBites Cookalong: Chinese Dumplings

    Have you ever made a Chinese Dumplings? If not, then now is your chance to try! If you have cooked them successfully before, you can share your wisdom and cook along too. The idea of the Cookalong is that members cook a classic recipe within a certain timescale and share their experience. Its a...
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