Favourite mustard?

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19 Apr 2015
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Do you have a special favourite mustard? Or maybe you just love them all. Tell us what 'cuts the mustard' for you!
1. The most cheapest brand of my German childhood "Bautzner".
Pretty common flavor

2. Dijon Mustard, that's real Mustard and mixed with honey or other Sauces can play a major role in any dish

3. Sweet Mustard and white sausage or "leberkäse", a German style meatloaf
I have too many to list! I like plain “American” bright yellow mustard on hot dogs, wholegrain spicy brown stadium mustard on smoked sausages.

I cook with Dijon more than most other mustards. For weisswurst, I like either Häindlmaier’s regular sweet mustard (“Hausmachersenf,” maybe?) or their mittelsharfersenf.

I also have some specially flavored ones, like a cranberry mustard that’s excellent with turkey sandwiches, a maple mustard that’s perfect on ham, and a champagne-dill mustard.
If I really had to select a favourite, it would be Colman's English Mustard. Nothing in the world beats the nose-tingling bite with a bunch of sausages!
I also love Moutard de Meaux - when I can get hold of it.
Sweet German brown mustard (can't remember the name in German) is also divine with a plateful of wurst!
Over here, the common mustard is Heinz or French's. Nasty, bright yellow, bitter and sour.
I wouldn't go out of my way to buy a gourmet mustard, but I'd definitely use one if someone gave it to me. :D :D

This mustard will help you control those pesky nose hairs

and this one I love on everything
Made by Kraft! Nothing French about it anymore, I'm afraid. Quel dommage :D :D
Reading the ownership transfers in the different markets over the years, it’s a who's-who of companies that shouldn’t be selling food - Unilever, RJ Reynolds, etc.

It sounds like it’s still made in France for the European market, but made in Michigan for Americans.
Here is my mustard selections. French's yellow for hot dogs (a must). Zatarain's (zat-ah-ranz) creole is spicy. The German whole grain is sweet/tangy. It's good with sausages, and it's used in my Lockhart's potato salad recipe. Grey Poupon is mostly for making other things, like sauces and dressings.


I haven't seen that Hickory Farms sweet/hot mustard since I was a teenager. Good stuff!

Usually, we get a pop-up store at the Mall and I get mine there. This little baby jar I got at Dollar Tree believe it or not last year.
A few years back I ordered it on line.
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