Recipe Feta & Bulgar Wheat Salad

30 Nov 2012
Local time
10:10 AM
Hampshire, UK
Last night we had a BBQ and I didn't fancy any of the usual potato-based side dishes we usually do. And we don't have any salad at the moment. So I threw together this bulgar wheat salad with the feta I had left over from Thursday's cheese flatbreads :okay:

Serves 2-3:

- 100g Bulgar Wheat (dry weight)
- 100f Feta
- 150g Tomatoes
- 1 tbsp Olive oil
- Dash of Lemon Juice
- Herbs.....just use whatever you have available....I used chopped & frozen parsley and basil, along with some fresh oregano

- Cook the bulgar wheat according to the instructions, drain and cool it down - it needs to be totally cooled and as dry as you can get it
- Chop the tomatoes into bite-sized pieces - I used baby plum tomatoes so I chopped them into quarters
- Mix the tomatoes and crumbled feta into the bulgar wheat, season with pepper but taste before you add salt
- Add your olive oil and mix through
- Then add the lemon juice to taste

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