Recipe Ice Milk Wine Float


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18 Dec 2017
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Ice Milk Wine Float:


NOTE: Ice milk is called low fat ice cream today, after a rule change in naming it, due to butter fat content.

NOTE: Both ice cream and low fat ice cream (ice milk) typically require using an ice cream machine to thicken them up. But, they can still be made without the ice cream machine. This recipe does not use an ice cream machine.


1) Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups (16 Oz.)
2) Half n Half - 1/8 cup
3) Brown Sugar - 2 to 3 tblspns.
4) Vanilla - 2 tspns.
5) Raspberry Wine Coulis - as required
6) Wine, Syrah - as required


1) Simmer half n half with brown sugar til sugar is dissolved.
2) Pour mixture into a blender.
3) Add heavy whipping cream and vanilla.
4) Whip.
5) Pour the whipped ice milk base into a freezable seal-able container.
6) Seal with plastic and freeze overnight.
7) Remove ice milk from the freezer.
8) Fill a goblet 1/4 full with a Syrah wine.
9) Add ice milk to about fill the goblet.
10) Drizzle raspberry wine coulis over the ice milk.
11) Serve.
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