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  1. 1) After mussels open up completely (when steamed) how much longer should they be cooked? I was told if they are cooked too long they get tough.

    2) What is the black stuff in the mussel? Should it be eaten or picked out? It is like a big round sack of black mush.

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    We harvest millions every week out of havelock. Make sure the beards all taken off. Steam for about 1 to .2 minutes while mixing. The wee piece that looks like a tongue can be eaten, I don't though, but most do. I cook for others these often. Hope you enjoy them.

  3. medtran49

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    SE Florida
    We keep the pan covered, peeking every minute or so, then taking them out when they pop open.

    Do you mean actually inside the mussel body itself or inside the shell with the mussel? Inside the mussel body, well, it's a living organism that eats (just like you do), that should be enough info to figure it out. If it's in the shell with the mussel body, I'd throw the whole thing out. With clams, oysters and mussels, you generally eat the whole thing in 1 bite and don't think about everything you are eating, just do it! :D

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