1. flyinglentris

    Recipe Spice Islands Seafood Plate

    Spice Islands Seafood Plate: NOTE: The Spice Islands coulis will impart a warm flavor to the meats while the mash will add a sweet and spicy flavor. Ingredients: 1) Scallops - 2 2) Prawns - 3 3) Black mussels - 3 to 5 4) Salmon fillet - 2" wide cut 5) Sushinori - 2 sheets 6) Spice Islands...
  2. Spice Islands Seafood Plate

    Spice Islands Seafood Plate

    Spice Islands Seafood Plate
  3. flyinglentris

    Recipe Seafood Stir Fry in Wine Sauce

    Seafood Stir Fry in Wine Sauce: Ingredients: 1) Prawns - 3 to 4 large 2) Scallops - 3 to 4 large 3) Salmon - 2" wide thick part of a fillet 4) Crab meat, white - 1 4.5 oz. can 5) Mussels, black, without shells - 7 to 8 NOTE: For shelled mussels, pre-cook and then remove the shells. 6)...
  4. Seafood Wine Sauce Stir Fry

    Seafood Wine Sauce Stir Fry

    Seafood Wine Sauce Stir Fry
  5. flyinglentris

    Recipe Seafood Medley in Creamy Garlic Wine Sauce

    Seafood Medley in Creamy Garlic Wine Sauce over Rice: Ingredients: 1) Rice, white - 1/8 cup dry 2) Garlic - 1/8 cup 3) Leek - 1/2 (no leaves) 4) Cream cheese 2 tblspns. 5) Half n half 1/8 cup 6) Butter - 1 tblspn. 7) Olive Oil - 2 tblspns. 8) Wine, Albariño - 1/4 cup 9) Lemon Juice - 1/8 cup...
  6. Seafood Medley in Creamy Garlic Wine Sauce

    Seafood Medley in Creamy Garlic Wine Sauce

    Seafood Medley in Creamy Garlic Wine Sauce
  7. Seafood Medley

    Seafood Medley

    Seafood Medley
  8. classyrecipes

    Recipe & Video Crab Masala Curry Recipe - Delicious Crab Gravy

    Crab Masala is a Easy to make Curry Dish that can be prepared in Quick time with regular Ingredients. This Recipe will be useful for Bachelors & people who are staying away from home. Crab Curry might get Quite hot, reduce the amount of chilli powder and Pepper if you do not want it too spicy. I...
  9. Seafood Fajita Burritos with Sweet Potato Dollars

    Seafood Fajita Burritos with Sweet Potato Dollars

    Seafood Fajita Burritos with Sweet Potato Dollars
  10. Seafood Chakchouka

    Seafood Chakchouka

    Seafood Chakchouka
  11. Seafood Salad Sandwich

    Seafood Salad Sandwich

    Seafood Salad Sandwich
  12. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Pan Seared Scallops with Creamy Shallot Sauce

    Seared scallops with creamy shallot sauce: View: Ingredients: 5-6 scallops 1/2 cup heavy cream ½ cup white wine 2 shallots (finely sliced) 2 tsp tarragon (finely chopped) - substitute: parsley 100 g butter (unsalted, cold), + 1 tbsp for the scallops ½ tsp...
  13. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Salad with Smoked Salmon, Eggs, Lettuce, Cabbage, Hearts of Palm, Endive, Tomato, Capers, Basil

    Prep time: 25-30 minutes including arranging. Cook time: for hard-cooking the eggs, allot 15 minutes which includes bringing the eggs in salted water to a boil, then turning range off and letting them sit there for ten minutes. Rest time: not needed Serves: 6-8 Layered Salad Platter...
  14. flyinglentris

    Recipe Seafood Salad Sandwich

    Shrimp and Crab Seafood Salad Sandwich: Simple and easy to make with no need to cook or microwave, Shrimp and Crab Seafood Sandwiches are a welcome alternative to Tuna Salad Sandwiches. The only unique thing about this recipe is the use of Horse Radish. This recipe can be a good use of...
  15. flyinglentris

    Recipe Caldo De Camarrones

    Caldo de Camarones: In Mexico it is called Caldo de Camarones or Sopa de Camarones. Ingredients may vary regionally. Chupe de Camarones is South American, Peru. This recipe is a variant in itself. Ingredients: 1) Prawns - 8 medium sized 2) Bacon - 1 strip 3) Brown Rice - 1/8 Cup 4) Eggs -...
  16. murphyscreek

    Recipe & Video Grilled Balmain Bugs

    Aka Moreton Bay bugs, or slipper lobster. Ingredients 3 Balmain Bugs cut length ways in half, and deveined 3 tbsp softened butter 4 cloves grated garlic 2 tbsp chopped parsley leaves Method Combine parsley and garlic with the butter. Coat the flesh side of the bugs with the...
  17. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Stuffed Squid with Farro and Zucchini/Summer Squash/Courgette (and Squid Ink)

    Farro is a type of wheat derived from Emmer wheat, an ancient type of wheat that is naturally low in gluten, and contains a level of healthy proteins our standard wheat raised in most of the world does not begin to match. Farro has a “nutty” flavor, since it isn’t milled down. Some people will...
  18. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Creamy Seafood Chowder with Roasted Garlic and Saffron

    This is my family's absolute favourite. Over the past few decades, I have made seafood chowder for my family every year during the holidays, sometimes twice. The recipe ingredients vary from batch to batch, but it's always delicious and a huge hit. This year it appears I will be putting it...
  19. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Seafood Stock

    Seafood stock is a commonly used ingredient in various seafood dishes. It's always better to make your own whenever you can! But why is it that most recipes online for making one's own seafood stock have vegetables in them? I did a Google search and found recipes with onion, celery, carrot...
  20. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Clear Rhode Island Clam Chowder

    Being a proper New Englander (by residence, not by birth), I’m not really a fan of Manhattan clam chowder… I guess in part because the only good tomato-based soup (to my taste buds) is a good chunky chilled gazpacho. I’ll do the New England cream-based clam chowder instead, but I find it a bit...
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