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26 Mar 2024
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For anyone [or anyone you know] considering a vegan or vegetarian diet, we're just a few days away from "No Meat May". I'm not sure how it differs from "Veganuary", but their website has lots of free meal plans, recipes, useful advice and much more...
Hi there!

Looks a bit like another gimmick to me; especially the "legend" bit, which seems way over the top. a legend is someone who's become extremely famous (or notorious) and I don't think giving up meat for a month would qualify. Anyway!
I've been 97.7% vegetarian (and possibly vegan) for over 50 years. I like a bit of fish now and then ( every 2-3 months) and eat some meatballs, or chilli con carne, or a burger about every 6 months. Other than that, no meat.
The founder of this website, SatNavSaysStraightOn, is a vegan, and has been for years. I wonder what she thinks of this?
The founder of this website, @SatNavSaysStraightOn, is a vegan, and has been for years. I wonder what she thinks of this
I haven't heard of it and it's an Australian charity.

I'm all for educating people towards eating less meat and improving the conditions animals (including fish) are farmed in though, so that's always a good thing.
I like it just because it takes some effort to change your palate and expectations from a meal, a month meat free could do that.

Mr SSOAP and my eldest son both used to expect and notice if there was no meat in a meal. I'd cook something vegetarian or vegan and the comment would be for example "that was very nice, a pork chop would go with that very nicely" 🙄

So I looked up vegetarian dishes meat eaters don't notice are meat free and slowly introduced those and that worked. Now they are satisfied and don't notice their food is incidentally vegan.

Once long ago after a particularly indulgent Christmas that seemed to span november to mid january I felt really pretty rough around the edges.
So we did a now much maligned detox diet (not a diet in the sense of restricted calories just what's now called 'clean eating') anyway it was incredibly hard to begin with, far too much fresh fruit and veg and not enough lard!

We stuck with it for about two weeks before cracking.
The surprise came when we went back to having whatever we wanted that the fatty foods were waaay too much, made us feel a bit sick and the veggies n salads were right up there in content.

What I'm trying to get across rather inelegantly is something like Meat Free May helps to cross that bridge from being a meat eater into familiar liked vegetarian dishes because you've been eating them for a month.
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