1. Saranak

    Meat and seafood butchery.

    Ciao a tutti, So I buy large pieces meats such as pork, lamb an occasion beef, I also try buy whole fishes an seafoods such as Calamari, Pesce sepia, Polpi etc. These I clean an prep for fridge or freezer, I have certain way with half lamb or pork to make in joint an different cut. I do not...
  2. ScandiBrit

    Meat Pie Making

    Hi Maybe more for the Brits, Kiwis or Ozzys but I would like to make some smaller hand size pies (meat, S&K etc) but am unsure of how the smaller pies are moulded. Has anyone done this before? Rich
  3. CraigC

    What do you like better, Meat cooked on or off the bone?

    I've always liked meat cooked on the bone better than boneless, especially beef. I've heard some folks claim there is no difference in flavor whether on or off the bone. I totally disagree.
  4. detroitdad

    Recipe 3 meat, beanless chili

    Ingredients 2 pounds grass-fed ground beef I used leaner beef with 5% fat 1 pound Italian sausage casings removed (I used Spicy Italian from Trader Joe’s) ½ pound bacon ensure it’s sugar-free to stay compliant 2 (28 oz) cans diced tomatoes with juice 1 (6 oz) can tomato paste 1 large yellow...
  5. rascal

    The truth about meat , BBC earth.

    Just caught the tale end of the above doco, the U.K. Get through 1 billion chickens a year, the muricans are the biggest eater of meat, 120 kg per person a year, the U.K. 80 kg per year, the Chinese who used to eat under a kg a year are now up to 55 kgs per person. The pressure is on to feed the...
  6. Lullabelle

    Meat me on a Tuesday

    As some of you may know on the 3rd Tuesday of every month we go to a cheese club, well this evening was the 1st evening for a charcuterie evening. The deli who do the cheese club also did this evening. The branch manager Sam brought some fine meats and the supermarket equivalent to taste test...
  7. B

    Ground meat salad sandwiches

    Seeing Yorky's thread about his ham salad sandwich brought back memories of my mom making ground ham salad or bologna salad sandwiches for lunches in the summer. She would get out the table top/clamp on meat grinder and grind up either ham or bologna, followed with a grinding of onions and...
  8. Dive Bar Casanova

    Recipe Brining Meat

    There is a cut of meat that gained popularity here in California called Tri Tip. It's a cut of Sirloin that as the story goes was first done by in the 1950s by a local butcher named Bob Schutz who perfected the tri-tip. If you can "perfect" a tri tip. I found them on sale at a local grocer...
  9. rascal

    Recipe Meat samosas

    about a week ago I made vege samosas for the freezer. It's our daughters birthday on the 17th this month. When it's your bday, you get to choose from my vast array of meals I cook. She has requested samosas ( both meat and vege as a starter. Leg of lamb smothered in yoghurt Indian spiced, cooked...
  10. Morning Glory

    Which animal proteins do you eat most often?

    There is conflicting data about which meat is the most consumed across the world. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations it is pork, with poultry coming second. Please note, I've included other animal proteins in the poll besides meat - I haven't listed every...
  11. Shermie

    Making your own ground meat for burgers in food processor.

    Are you tired of the way that ground meat looks in your local supermarket? you buy bulk ground beef and it looks slightly brown in the middle. Same with burgers! Well, today, ,I've had enough of it!! I'm going to start making my own. I'm so sick of stores trying to pass off ground meat as...
  12. F

    Recipe Authenic Ancient Classic, Madrid Chickpea & Meat Cocido.

    The Cocido Madridleño is an ancient local Winter dish from working class origins to the artistocracy. Versatile and ad hoc, its uncountrable varieties reflect the cold Sierra Highlands of Madrid and the culture from which it developed from the Sephardics (Adafina) and Moroccans Hot Pots, and...
  13. Meatlovers

    Looking for amazing recipes to go into cookbook

    Hey guys! I need your help Recently I started typing a meat lovers cookbook. This will be a cookbook which contains a lot of creative recipes and bizarre stories. Now I already wrote a lot of recipes and stories, but I need some more to finish my book. So if you know or experienced something...
  14. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Spam Gyro Meat

    In honor of Spam's 80th Anniversary, I bring you my favorite use for The picture here shows my treatment of the Spam on a homemade gyro with homemade tzatziki sauce. Ingredients 12 ounces Spam, light 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1⁄4 teaspoon cumin 1⁄4 teaspoon rosemary 1⁄4...
  15. Dados1950

    Cooking Tip-How to Braise Meat

    If you want to enjoy a gourmet meal using inexpensive cuts of meat then you’ll want to learn how to “braise”. Braising means browning the meat oil and/or butter then slowly cooking in a covered roasting pan. The meat is covered in a liquid which usually includes some combination of water, broth...
  16. F

    Recipe Empanadas (Pasty, Fish or Meat Pie, Pockets)

    Empanadas: Photograph Copyright: Francesca Guillamet. An Empanada is a stuffed pastry, baked or fried which can be made from wheat flour or corn flower. The name hails from the Spanish Verb: Empanar, denoting to wrap and or coat in bread. Empanadas first appeared in Medieval Portugal and...
  17. Morning Glory

    Which types of non-processed meat do you eat regularly?

    This one is strictly for non vegan/vegetarians. What types of red meat do you eat regularly? For the purposes of this poll, regularly is defined as at least once a month and doesn't include processed meats such as bacon or sausages but does include fresh offal, ground/minced meat. If there are...
  18. Ellie

    Name one meat you don't like

    I was reading an article yesterday that listed a number of things this person didn't like about x, y or z... It got me thinking. When I ate meat, I used to hate eating gammon. I don't know what it was but I really hated it. I liked liver, kidney and even venison, but I hated gammon. So I was...
  19. epicuric

    Meat injector

    This bad boy arrived in the post yesterday: Apparently, they are a very popular with serious barbequers, but this was bought to inject festive butter into a turkey crown. Any tips would be welcome - I've never used one before!
  20. Yorky

    Recipe Aloo Gosht

    Ingredients Olive oil or ghee 2 medium onions, finely sliced 25 mm stick cinnamon 5 whole black peppercorns 1 black cardamom 5 whole cloves 4 tsps pureed garlic 4 tsps pureed ginger 3 tomatoes, peeled and chopped 3 - 4 tsps chili powder (or cayenne pepper) 2 tsps salt (or to taste)...
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