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    There are lots of ways you can use this pretty green oil. Its essential to blanch the parsley and plunge into iced water to preserve he vibrant green colour. I used the oil in 'fish en papillote' dish and a Salade Niçoise (see below).


    1 bunch parsley including stems (I used curly leaf parsley)
    250 ml extra virgin olive oil

    1. Plunge the parsley in boiling water for 20 seconds. Drain briefly and place in a bowl of iced water. Remove and squeeze the water from the parsley. Place in a container and partially freeze.
    2. Chop the partially frozen parsley and place in a blender with the oil and blitz. I used a stick blender.
    3. Place a piece of muslin (or a J-cloth) into a fine sieve and place over a bowl. Pour the contents of the blender into the sieve and allow the oil to collect then wrap the parsley in the muslin and squeeze out the remaining oil.
    4. Leave overnight for the oil to clarify.

    Dover Sole 'en papillote' with parsley oil:


    Rainbow Salade Niçoise with parsley oil:

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