1. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe DIY Toilet Spray

    I wasn't really sure where to put this "recipe", so since the many ingredient is Essential Oils, I figured ... DIY Toilet Spray aka Poo~Pourri makes about 211 ml Ingredients: 1/2 C. Water 2 Tbsp. Rubbing Alcohol 3 Tbsp. Vegetable Glycerin 40 drop Essential Oil (the original copycat recipe...
  2. A

    Refined Oils

    I've just found out that I should use refined oils for cooking. They have a higher smoke point, but their nutrients and flavour are greatly diminished. In terms of flavour and nutrition, are refined olive, canola and sunflower oil pretty much identical?
  3. Orange Oil Concentrate

    Orange Oil Concentrate

    Orange Oil Concentrate
  4. N

    What's the best way to strain oil after deep frying?

    How does everyone strain their oil after deep frying? The way I'm doing it takes forever, so I'm sure there's a better way. After the oil has cooled, I strain it into jars using a funnel, a fine mesh strainer, and a coffee filter. The coffee filter does a fantastic job of straining out...
  5. G

    Alternative to olive oil.

    Hello new here, I am autistic, i don’t like certain tastes/textures and one of them is olives and nuts. so, everywhere you can use olive oil what are good replacements?
  6. flyinglentris

    Various oils for cooking

    I got curious and did some searches to find out how many types of cooking oils exist... Oils can be used in a variety of ways and not all of them apply to frying. They may be used as Salad Oils for Dressing, Baking Oils and Marinade Oils, to touch the surface of the diversity of ways in which...
  7. epicuric

    Herb oils

    I know we've had many threads on using oils, but does anyone actually make their own herb oils? Having been served some home made parsley oil whilst on holiday recently I am keen to have a go at making some. We have a glut of parsley in the garden, and some good quality olive oil brought back...
  8. Burt Blank

    Contentious thread, Herb and Spice racks, like fancy Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar bottles

    In my opinion it's more self aggrandizing kitchen design than cooking. I have a big drawer for my herbs and spices. Oooh darling you use saffron.
  9. LissaC

    Recipe Pasteis de massa tenra (olive oil pastries)

    This is a traditional portuguese pastry which name translates to "tender pastry". The closet recipe I found was olive oil pastry dough, but the portuguese pastries are always fried instead of baked in the oven, and eaten between meals instead of making the main dish. Apologies if this is posted...
  10. TastyReuben

    How Do You Store Your Oils?

    We've all been told that cooking oils are sensitive to heat and light, but every house I've been in (including my own), there are the oils, sometimes in clear bottles, sitting out on the counter, next to the stove - a bonanza of heat and light. So, how do you store your oils? Safely away in a...
  11. JAS_OH1

    What kind of oils do you use?

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I am relatively new here. I was intrigued by Morning Glory's mention of using mustard oil in an egg dish recently, and I think it was medtran who mentioned black truffle oil in an oyster dish. Very interesting. I've never gone out of my...
  12. Lullabelle

    Has anyone used CBD oil?

    My colleague has been thinking of taking this instead of HRT. I am looking into it but was wondering if anyone else had heard of/tried it and if so, what do you think?
  13. TastyReuben

    Preferred Oil For Pan/Deep Frying?

    Both vegetable oil (which is mainly soybean oil in the US, I think) and canola oil (which is the same as or similar to rapeseed oil in the UK, I think) have a strong fishy smell and taste to me, even while they're still in the bottle, before heating. I understand that not everyone picks up that...
  14. R

    Deep fryer oil

    OK not the healthiest cooking method but I enjoy eating home fried fish and chips and a few other things that need deep frying. Last night when I put in a few chips (certainly didn't overload the basket) the oil "foamed" up and the chips were soggy (I had par boiled them and left them in the...
  15. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Traditional Doughnut-Shaped Red Wine Biscuits

    Makes about 15 biscuits | Preparation time: 15 mins | Cooking time 25-30 mins Plain flour: 500 g Sugar: 180 g Red wine: 125 ml Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 125 ml Baking soda: ½ tsp A pinch of salt Method Pre-heat the oven at 250°C. Sift the flour and set it aside. Mix the oil with the...
  16. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Aglio & Olio – The Simplest Spaghetti Sauce Ever, with Garlic, Olive Oil and Chili Pepper

    A traditional Italian delicious recipe with spaghetti, so simple and tasty to prepare with a few basic ingredients . Simplicity in a dish full of flavour and satisfaction. It’s also the dish that saves you when there is a lunar landscape in the fridge, or when you organize a last-minute dinner...
  17. Z

    Olive oil bottle please?

    Can anyone suggest or recommend a bottle or dispenser for olive oil please? Perhaps a nozzle or spout that will fit into an existing bottle? I thought I might be able to find a decent combination of a bottle of olive oil plus a spout, then refill it when necessary
  18. Morning Glory

    Deep Fryers - do you use one?

    I have a deep-fryer which sits on my kitchen counter top. I used to use it quite a lot but now there are only two of us here and I eat very little fried food so its not getting much use. I keep thinking I should use it (or put it away somewhere - in which case it will probably never come out...
  19. Morning Glory

    Recipe Parsley Oil

    There are lots of ways you can use this pretty green oil. Its essential to blanch the parsley and plunge into iced water to preserve the vibrant green colour. I used the oil in 'fish en papillote' dish and a Salade Niçoise (see below). Ingredients 1 bunch parsley including stems (I used...
  20. medtran49

    Olive oil cake

    Has anybody made one? I've seen many recipes but have been hesitant about making one because I just can't wrap my head around using olive oil for a cake.
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