Preserved lemons


18 Mar 2018
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5:55 PM
Christchurch New Zealand

i made these last year as we had a glut of lemons, I giggled it and cut the lemons opposite top to bottom then sealed them in glass. I've had a few nice meals in Aussie with a Moroccan flavour in a tagine. Lemons were in these dishes. I'm looking for any suggestions for a nice meal to use these lemons. I would like tried recipes if possible.

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30 Mar 2017
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Detroit, USA
Here's something I made about a year ago with preserved lemons:

There are a lot of ingredients, but they're all pretty basic (except for the harissa paste....and the preserved lemons). Harissa paste can be substituted with any chili paste, and still work. You could start with less preserved lemon, and then mix in more if you like.

But, one thing I recently stumbled upon that I absolutely love that uses preserve lemon is a sort of Thousand Island dressing. I made some when it was St. Patty's day, to have with my corned beef. I don't measure, but I do add things like this:

sweet pickle
dill pickle
horseradish sauce (horseradish blended with mayo)
Worcestershire sauce
sour cream
hot sauce
lemon juice

...but, instead of lemon juice, I decided to dice some preserve lemon. It was spectacular! Instead of a subtle little tinge of citrus, the preserved lemon shines through with every bite. I've found myself dipping tortilla chips in it when I don't have a sandwich to cover. Now that I think of it, I think I'm going to have to make more!
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