Recipe Puffy feta muffins


26 Aug 2020
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10:09 AM
Puffy feta muffins

Serves 6-12 | Cooking time 30 min

These savoury muffins are vaguely inspired by soufflés. They're made of whole eggs, plenty of flour and several condiments.

✧ 2 tablespoons softened butter to line 12 large (ø 9-10 cm/3.5-4.0’’) muffin molds/tins​
✧ 4 eggs​
✧ 200 g/7 oz feta (/feta type) cheese​
✧ 200 ml/0.85 cups greek/natural yog(h)urt​
✧ 250 ml/1 cup (127 g/4.5 oz) apf/plain flour​
✧ 50 ml/0.2 cups (20.3 g/0.7 oz) almond flour​
✧ a handful (~12 pcs) of walnuts​
✧ 1 medium-sized green bell pepper/capsicum​
✧ plenty of (~300 ml/1.3 cups) chopped dill or ~50 ml/0.2 cups dried dill​
✧ 1 tablespoon sriracha/chili sauce​
✧ 3 tablespoons tomato paste​
✧ 50 ml/0.2 cups sunflower oil​
✧ 2 teaspoons baking powder​
✧ 0.5 teaspoons black pepper​
✧ 1 teaspoon salt​
✧ peel/skin of 1 lime or 1/2 lemon (or zest, if you like)​
✧ a couple of teaspoons of tom yam sauce and crumbled feta for garnish​

1. Set the oven to 175°C/350°F/gas mark 4, no fan.​
2. Line the muffin molds with softened butter.​
3. Prepare the lime (detach the peel or grate the zest), rinse and tear the dill and cut the bell pepper into chunks.​
4. Mix all ingredients in a blender/mixer until smooth. Save a piece of feta cheese for garnish.​
5. Level the batter into the molds (full).​
6. Bake for ~25 minutes until puffy and light brown. (I baked my muffins for 20 min; they were puffy but still a bit moist/undone from the middle)​
7. Serve immediately with crumbled feta and tom yam sauce. The muffins flatten like soufflés if cooled or stored.​
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