Recipe Raw Cashew Nut Cheese


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11 Oct 2012
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10:12 PM
SE Australia
OK - I know this is a really specialist thing but recently I have made some raw cashew nut cheese and it is really good, even my father-in-law loved it (born & bred Manchester) - but it didn't pass the mother-in-law taste test, but not much does to be honest!

It is going to take you several days to make, just like normal cheese does, but for those allergic to dairy it is an ideal substitute.

I have made it twice now; first time with a fresh herbs & garlic version which was excellent and a great substitute in recipes for the traditional "garlic & herb le roule" and the 2nd time with my own variation, crushed garlic, ground cumin, ground coriander, and a paprika covering. Both times we have wanted more....

Don't worry about the fresh rejuvelac, it is not needed. I just used water instead and it was great. You do need the probiotics capsules though. The first 2 versions were made with an ordinary liquidiser which I used to make grind the cashew nuts into a paste - it took a while because it is not what the liquidiser was designed to do, so I settled for a 'soft cheese' version that spread easily, more of a 'le roule'. I am hoping to try for a harder cheese version now that I have purchased a Vitamix equivalent that can make nut butters, but for those of us allergic to dairy, it makes for a great sandwich filling or to spread on toast!
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