Show me your breakfast (2023)

Blackberry smoothie bowl with blueberries and cinnamon roll cereal
My doctor gives me grief about my cholesterol, but my levels are the same as those of my 91-year-old father and 89-year-old mother.

Thankfully my UK trained doctor here in Australia doesn't bother with mine or my glucose levels. The NHS are obsessed with them (or were).

Nowadays it's my potassium medical professionals obsess over but I do take 9 potassium tablets a day. Enough to kill 99.99999999999999% of the population in less than 3 days, but my body has this strange idea that it doesn't want potassium! It needs it, but it doesn't want it (and those 9 tablets are on top of drinking a litre of coconut water a day).

So, if you're trying to poison me, don't try potassium!
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