Recipe & Video Spanish Tapas Garlic Prawns|Gambas Al Ajillo

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2 Oct 2022
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6:40 AM
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🦐7-8 fresh prawns
🧄5 garlic cloves
🌶1 chili (better if you use dried chili)
parsley (finely chopped)
3-4tbsp olive oil
sea salt

1. slice the garlic cloves evenly
2. chop the chili
3. chop finely the parsley
4. remove the head and peel off the shell of the prawns but keep the tail, the make a shallow cut along the back in order to remove the vein
5. 3-4 tbsp of olive oil with low heat
6. add the garlic slices, stir fry under low heat until slightly golden brown
7. add chili
8. add prawns (make sure pat dry prawns)
9. turn around when one side is cooked
10. sprinkle with sea salt and add in finely chopped parsley
Best to serve with bread for dipping the olive oil

Video with subtitles available
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