1. Tasteofspain_uk

    Recipe Spanish yogurt cake

    This cake gets its name from its main ingredient which is yogurt. Also, and this is very funny, it is known like this because our grandmothers would measure the ingredients using a yogurt cup. Yes: no scales, no cups, no measure jugs... Just a simple, standard yogurt cup from a set of 4. They...
  2. Tasteofspain_uk

    Recipe Spanish garlic prawns

    This is one of Spanish most iconic tapas. Surprisingly, it seems to have originated in Madrid, a region that is nowhere near the sea :scratchhead: INGREDIENTS (SERVES 2 PEOPLE) Coldwater prawns (150 g) Garlic cloves (7) Red chilli (1) Olive oil (1 cup) Salt Pepper Fresh parsley (optional)...
  3. Tasteofspain_uk

    Recipe Salmorejo - Spanish cold tomato soup

    The heat is increasing every day and the body demands something refreshing. And, on top of this, is tomato season right now. Can you think in anything better than this? INGREDIENTS (SERVES 2) Tomatoes (1 kg / 10 medium) Bread baton (1) Garlic clove (1) Olive oil (1 tbsp) Salt Boiled eggs (2)...
  4. Flawed

    Recipe & Video How to make Fuet - A dry cured sausage from Catalonia

    Thought you might be interested in my latest guide and video as I attempt to lure more of you into trying some homemade charcuterie ) : How to make Fuet. As with all my tutorials I do try to explain process as well as the traditional side & history. Fuet (pronounced ‘foo-ett’) is a dry...
  5. indianwells

    Recipe Paella

    [Mod.Edit: this post has been copied here from another thread to form a recipe thread] Paella. Must admit it is one of my top 5 dishes. I fried off some onion and chorizo, then added half a litre of chicken stock. A handful of paella rice (or you can use risotto rice) and a sachet of paella...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Gazpacho

    I have something of a confession to make. I've never, ever had the traditional cold Spanish soup, gazpacho. That's the truth. Never. So given the current hot summer temps (39°C today) and my general lack of enthusiasm to easy anything even vaguely warm in such temperatures, we have been working...
  7. Morning Glory

    Recipe Fresh Broad Beans with Black Sausage & Garlic Shoots

    This recipe is from Rick Stein's 'Spain' published in 2011. Its a rather rustic Catalan dish originally cooked for Rick Stein by Antonio Myers the drum player in Los Mustang - a Spanish band from the 1960’s. The original dish calls for Spanish blood sausage (butifarra) and fresh garlic shoots...
  8. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Spanish potatoes with bacon and capers

    Spanish potatoes with bacon and capers This is quite possibly the best potato dish I have ever made. Apparently, CookingBites brings out the best in me. Inspired by BloggerJoe's Spanish Potatoes with Capers recipe :chef: Ingredients 2 lbs of roasted potatoes ( see recipe here ) 2 cloves...
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  13. F

    Recipe Coffee Spice Rub for Meats

    This simple recipe to season your rib eye, roasts and / or steaks was published in an old edition of a New York City Magazine called Bon Appetit .. Ingredients: 1 tablsp of Smoked La Vera, Extremadura Pimentón 1 1 / 2 tsps of freshly ground black pepper 1 / 12 tsps of either coriander or...
  14. F

    Recipe Tapa: Galician Sliced Baby Octopus & Smoked Pimentón Paprika.

    In Galicia, the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, baby octopus is a extraordinary delicacy and not surprisingly, highly popular throughout the rest of Spain. This dish is traditional during the Lent Season which begins in February and lasts until Easter Sunday. Recipe: 1 fresh...
  15. F

    Recipe Spanish Tapa - Scrambled Eggs with Boletus & Iberian Ham

    Basque Scrambled Eggs with Iberian Ham & Mushroom Canapés .. This renowned Basque Bar specialty has become quite popular in The Basque Country due to the original Three Michelin Star Chefs, Elena and Juan Mari Arzak who have prepared this as an "apertif " at their San Sebastian Restaurant ...
  16. F

    Recipe Traditional Spanish Rabo de Toro ( Bull / Ox Tail)

    This is one of the traditional Andalusian specialties served throughout the Iberian Peninsula and a very simple récipe to créate .. Ingredients: 1 kilo of Rabo de toro ( Bull´s Tail ) ( One can sub Angus Tails ) 2 potatoes peeled and diced 3 tomatoes ( de-seeded and peeled) and minced 2...
  17. F

    Recipe Spanish Fish & Shellfish Soup & Saffron (Sopa de Pescado al Azafran)

    After, Elizabeth had told me of her gastro adventure in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Andalusia, I had decided to provide her with this récipe, which she raved about .. Spanish Fish & Shellfish Soup & Saffron ( Sopa de Pescado al Azafran ) .. 1 Kilo of firm White fish ( Grouper or Cod for...
  18. F

    Recipe Spanish Canapés Alta Cocina Tapas

    Top notch or alta cocina tapas have been innovated and created by uncountable Chefs and here a few to wet your appetite .. 1) Montadito de Salmón ( & Red Prawns) Slice a baguette into 1 inch thick slices. With a "pipette" or eye dropper, squirt or squeeze a couple of drops of Extra Virgin...
  19. F

    Recipe Tapas: Spanish Fresh Sausage & Chunky Potatoes.

    Photo Copyright: Francesca Guillamet Patata Bravas, or Spanish spicy potatoes are one of the most popular Spanish tapas in the country. However, this récipe is not Patatas Bravas, it is fresh grilled sausages served in a terracotta earthenware with chunky potatoes (the same chunky potatoes as...
  20. F

    Recipe Spanish Potato Omelette (Tortilla Española)

    In Spain, the humble simple Tapa (appetiser) , ever so popular, the Potato Omelette, the Tortilla Española, is revered & worshipped like a priceless masterpiece of art. Round, yellow Golden and can be eaten hot or cold. Recipe: 750 Grams of potatoes ( for frying ) 345 Ml. Spanish Evoo (...
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