The CookingBites recipe challenge: pasta

This is happening today. The rest will come together later…maybe late night. Maybe early morning. Maybe late early mid-morning.


Next one of mine:

Recipe - Mexican elote corn pasta salad

First, up front, I’ll tell you MrsT went loopty-loop over this one and get that right out of the way now. She absolutely loved this.

I also think it’s very good. I’ve never had actual Mexican street corn, but anything that contains corn, mayonnaise, and chili flavors is all right by me.

Nice and creamy, a little bright, a little spicy, and the beans (a last-minute addition) helped make it a filling main dish.

The pasta I used was a new shape to me - trottole; it was a perfect choice for this salad.

I’ve never had actual Mexican street corn
If you're in Mexico City, for example, you can stroll through the Chapultepec park , or down "La Reforma" (a magnificent, wide avenue over 14 kms long), and you will certainly find elote (corn) for sale from the street vendors. The cobs are huge. Some are yellow, some are white, and some are blue. They're usually grilled then sprinkled with lime/chile salt (and there are many varieties) or smeared with chile paste.
Your salad looks great!
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