The CookingBites recipe challenge: pasta

Ok, ok…the last time I was honored with a win, I chose mayonnaise, so I’m sticking with the condiments and choosing tomato ketchup as the next challenge ingredient.

I write up a proper intro when I set up the challenge later tonight, but I wanted to get the ingredient named as soon as possible.

Thanks, everyone. Onward!
If you're in Mexico City, for example, you can stroll through the Chapultepec park , or down "La Reforma" (a magnificent, wide avenue over 14 kms long), and you will certainly find elote (corn) for sale from the street vendors. The cobs are huge. Some are yellow, some are white, and some are blue. They're usually grilled then sprinkled with lime/chile salt (and there are many varieties) or smeared with chile paste.
Your salad looks great!
One summer in college I worked as a tour bus host in Mexico City. Privately we used to call the park "chupate el pie." Should I translate that for the non Spanish speakers?
Here’s a pasta question for everyone:

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For me, it’s an easy one…goodbye macaroni-and-cheese!
I agree although there are some great mac and cheese recipes out there. How about a mac and gruyere with truffles? I had it one time and it was notably great. My pick of the these is the fettuccini alfredo. It is one of my favorite dishes. I sometimes add avocado to it to make a green alfredo sauce.
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