The CookingBites recipe challenge: pineapple

I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and it seems that the young folk just like Ranch Dressing on everything.
I'm a huge fan of Ranch Dressing. I just love the stuff but, unfortunately, it's very hard to find here in the South American Jungle :cool:
A couple of years ago I pulled a recipe off the internet and made like half a litre of the stuff. Just delicious, and while I can't confess to having drunk the stuff, I was quite capable of pouring it on pieces of bread as a snack.
I've now got up to date and carefully read and commented on all recipes entered so far. Having said that I'm no nearer to knowing which recipe wins! As the challenge ends at midnight UK time, I'll make the difficult decision in the UK morning.

There is still a few hours left for more entries...
Good luck with this one. Many made my mouth water.
A big thanks to all who participated in the challenge. We had 23 entries in total from 9 members which is great participation. I thought we would get more dessert recipes than savoury recipes but I was proved wrong. There were 12 savoury recipes, 7 dessert recipes and 4 'drink' recipes.

In summary:

The wide range of approaches to using this ingredient was impressive and (I like to think), testimony to our eclectic international membership. There were some delightful 'vintage' dessert recipes as well as punchy ideas for coleslaw and chutney, a medley of skewers (which are always fun), ices, cocktails, punch and a fermented drink. Rice, pork, chicken and seafood all featured in the savoury recipes.

I've made specific comments in all the recipe threads so I won't repeat them all here. These were the highlight recipes for me, more less in the order in which they were posted:

Pineapple Curry from karadekoolaid
Ham Balls in Pineapple Sauce from TastyReuben
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice from Yorky
Pineapple Tamarind Chutney from The Late Night Gourmet
BBQ Pineapple Rum Pork Chops with Spicy Pineapple Salsa from murphyscreek
Spicy pineapple and citrus glazed chicken and Pineapple and cream cheese stuffed French toast from JAS_OH1
Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers on the Grill from caseydog

I'l try to reduce the above to a shortlist... just need a bit of time to ponder.
Finally, after much deliberation I'm choosing :

Pineapple Curry from karadekoolaid

It was so close between the dishes shortlisted that in the end it came down to 'which one am I most likely to make?' and since I love curry and have never used pineapple in a curry...

Plus, I reckoned it would go well with a prawn vindaloo, thus satisfying my craving for pineapple with seafood.
Oh, WOW!! What a surprise! I'm honoured, because it's such a simple, yet delicious dish. And yes, Morning Glory, it'll be perfect with your vindaloo. It also pairs very well with chicken and pork AND egg curries.
Now I have to think of something creative and not run-of-the-mill to post for the next challenge. OMG . I'll be in touch.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Now I have to think of something creative and not run-of-the-mill to post for the next challenge. OMG . I'll be in touch.

Here is the usual reminder: its best to choose an ingredient which is fairly accessible in all our various countries. It doesn't matter if you choose an ingredient which has gone before so long as it wasn't too recently. A list of all ingredients chosen is here in date order and here in alphabetical order.

If you want to you can 'float' an idea for the next ingredient in this thread or if in doubt PM me or another moderator for advice.

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