The CookingBites recipe challenge: sweet peppers

Copycat Birdseye® / C&W® brand The Ultimate Southwest Blend Frozen Vegetables

This may sound like an odd "recipe", but I've bought this frozen vegetable blend for years and all of a sudden it was gone.
I use it in a number of dishes. The one that I like the best is in a Quesadilla.


In this particular Quesadilla, I added some extra fire-roasted Corn.
I've also added some shredded Chicken and Green Chile Sauce to it, YUM!
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I tried the pork stew - pork is so tender, it’s ridiculous.

One thing I don’t like, though…you know how people always say, “This uses anchovies, but don’t worry, they cook down and you won’t taste anything fishy” - well, this smells and tastes a little fishy. 😒

We’ll see if the addition of the peppers and olives tomorrow keep that in checked. Otherwise, I might be surprising my neighbors with a free gift of supper!
Here comes a Sidekick
This recipe was adapted from a Heston Blumenthal recipe. He used anchovies in vinegar (in Spain they're called boquerones) but I can't get them here. I also added some paprika for extra smoke flavour.
I've got no idea why it's called "sidekick"! It's utterly delicious, however. I've got some friends for lunch today so this is on the menu with drinks.
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Ok, here's no doubt my last one for the peeper challenge, due to vacation so rudely about to interrupt my peepering:

Recipe - Pork Stew with Anchovies and Peppers

Never let it be said I don't cook outside my comfort zone now and again.

Remember way back when I said, "I've got a recipe I'm really excited about, so it'll probably end up tasting like 💩 ?"

Well, I was right, AFAIC.

Once I put it all together and got it ready to serve, it had a very noticeable fishy odor and taste (no doubt the anchovies); it reminded me a lot of a very potent can of tuna left open for a while. MrsT agreed with me on that point, that the stew had a fishy/tuna aspect to it, but it didn't bother her.

I served us both, and one good thing I'll say...the pork was the most tender pork I've ever had, in a stew or otherwise. Also, the peppers were nice, and the saltiness of the olives worked out really well. I liked that combination quite a bit.

But the anchovies...nope! Couldn't do it.

First bite: "I think I can make it through a bowl."
Second bite: "I can't even sit over the bowl, I have to sit to the side and bring the spoon over to me!"
Third bite: "I'm done!" - and I started to retch.

That was it for me. No more stew. I ended up eating peanut butter.

MrsT, OTOH, was very fond of it. Not so much as to warrant one of her "Ricky don't lose that...recipe!" moments, but enough that she asked me to bag it up in individual portions and freeze it for her (which I did, complete with a binder clip fastened firmly over my nose).

So...there you have it. If you like that little funky stank of anchovy, you might like this quite a bit, as MrsT did. If you're like me, just stay far, far away from it.
My DH has tried for years now to get me to make home-canned Roasted Peppers like is Italian Grandmother did.

I tried it once, but that wasn't it, and as I may have made mention previously, I have no recourses for any in-depth cooking questions.
Now mind you, this failed attempt was back 10 years ago, maybe I'd have better luck now? 🤷‍♀️
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