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18 Dec 2017
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Turkey Salad Stoker:


NOTE: A stoker is a sandwich which allows consuming meals that would otherwise have to be eaten one bite at a time with a spoon or fork. As a sandwich, more of the meal can be taken in at one time than a spoon or fork would allow. A stoker is named for the men or machines which efficiently feed fuel into a wood or coal burning steam engine. However, in this case, the engine being stoked is the human body.

NOTE: A salad stoker is a layered mixed salad served as a sandwich.


1) Turkey - 1/4 cup (when sliced)
2) Bacon - 2 strips
3) Lettuce - 1 cup (when cut up)
4) Onion - 2 slices
5) Bell pepper - 1 cross slice
6) Crimini mushrooms - 1 large
7) Celery - 8 to 10 sliced pieces
8) Radish - 2
9) Tomato - 2 to 4 slices (depending upon the size of the tomato)
10) Pepper jack cheese - 1/4 cup (when sliced)
11) Bleu cheese dressing - as preferred
12) Hamburger Buns - 2


NOTE: Use the ingredients to make two stokers.

NOTE: To ensure that the stoker ingredients hold together, make large thin slices of turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion and pepper. Do not dice up these ingredients.

NOTE: If items seem loose and tend to fall off, use a spatula or the bun tops to press the stack down and compact it.

1) If the turkey is not pre-cooked, cook it.
2) Fry the bacon strips.
3) Chop up the turkey and cheese into thin slices.
4) Quarter the bacon strips.
5) Chop up the lettuce into manageable pieces.
6) Julienne cut the onion and pepper.
7) Cross slice the mushrooms, radishes, cucumber, celery and tomato.
8) On the bottom of the bun, coat with bleu cheese dressing.
9) Cover with lettuce.
10) Layer on the onion, pepper,radish and mushrooms.
11) Add celery, cheese and turkey cubes.
12) Cut bacon strips in half.
13) Add tomato and bacon.
14) Cover with the top of the bun.
15) Serve.
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