Uproar over chef in Italy offering pineapple on pizza...

I also find it interesting that it looks like a gimmick, or theme, restaurant in Italy..especially with the ketchup also.... I think he is basing this on attracting the curious and fun loving...they can be pretty serious and staunch about their food over there..
I have no problem with this, because he took the tomato sauce off, which has always been my contention with Hawaiian pizza - pineapple and tomato clash horribly, IMO.

Like karadekoolaid, that’s just pineapple and cheese (and a little bread), which is a classic pairing, especially as a little nosh at cocktail parties - cut that thing up in little squares, put a toothpick in each one, and pour me a martini! 🍸 🍍 🧀
I like a good classic pizza. How wet the only time I ever enjoy pineapple on a pizza is with pepperoni. Otherwise you’ll never catch me doing it and especially not in giant rings like in the pics. Small chunks only!
Just seen a post from Gordon Ramsay, who has invented a Full English Breakfast pizza. Yes, sausage, egg, baked beans and mushrooms...
Beyond the uproar this news may have caused because he is an Italian chef, mostly Neapolitan and with his own pizzeria in Naples, I appreciate his attempt. What I appreciate less is putting himself on the spot by saying 'Unfortunately, people follow the crowd and condition themselves according to the opinions of others, or what they hear".

It's not out of parochialism, it's that we in Italy just don't like pizza with pineapple. Of course I imagine that there will be someone here who may like pineapple pizza, but it is seldom, very seldom. To me his just seems like a poor attempt at publicity and wanting to make a difference by being a teaser, but in my opinion it's a flop.
There are many other foods from other countries that we love and we don't need the chef in question to teach us.
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